RGM Introducing – The Pagans S.O.H

Hey up lads thanks for joining us today, I’m looking forward to catching you at the Night and day Cafe in Manchester on the 8th Feb. How it all shaping up for the show?

Marcus – yeah it’s looking really good, actually.  We get to play in one of our favourite places and venues and with our mates, Tinfoils. Also gonna be joined by Bethlehem Casuals and Slap Rash. Never played with them before but heard good things.

What was the most fun you have had on stage? 

Connor – we always have fun on stage, what’s the point, if you’re not enjoying yourself. I think Kendal, last year was the most fun, when Fred fell backwards, off the stage, into the pit. Still piss myself laughing at that.

What was the worst experience on stage?

Daragh – turning up at Rockaway Beach festival and realising that I had no guitar strap. To be fair, the stage crew fashioned me one from gaffer tape. Clever, resourceful shit going on there.
Marcus – I keep splitting my trousers on stage. It’s like a thing now. It just seems to happen more often than I’d like it to.

The last couple of times I’ve seen you perform you have performed the tune lazy N***** in different ways, you have used the word, and sometimes you edit it. Why do you do that?

Marcus – yeah it’s a funny one, that is. I think I have to gauge the audience. If there are kids about, then I edit it. We played a gig at The Castle once, started playing Lazy N**** and 3 women walked out, apparently, disgusted. I’d say it was more their issue than ours when you consider the context of the song.

Marcus, I read the article you were involved with from Chris Hawkins about how much of a strain performing live has on your body/mental health, how much did the test results surprise you?

Marcus – I couldn’t believe it, man! My adrenaline levels, straight after the gig, were at the same level as a skydiver. That’s high as fuck, haha! Obviously,  I’m buzzin after a gig but no way did I think that I was at that level. A proper eye-opener. Just shows you that you need to keep an eye on your body and mind when you’re putting yourself through that, on a regular basis.

What’s the best part about being in Pagans?

Daragh – We’re like a proper family. We sometimes fall out, we disagree about stuff and annoy each other at times but it never lasts long. We’re brothers and we love doing what we do. That’s what matters at the end of the day.

What’s the worst part about being Pagans? 

Connor – when the manager books us midweek gigs in skegness or summat. We’ve all got full time jobs and we all wanna play as much as possible but it’s hard juggling shit. We just wanna play our tunes but life sometimes gets in the way.

Tell us something about each member yourself that you think people would be surprised about? 

Marcus – I’m half Jamaican and half Polish.
Daragh – I’m a bit obsessed with Pandas. They’re the sickest creatures on Earth.
Connor – when I have the money, I’m investing it all in bamboo crops. Bare bamboo.

Tell us a funny story from being on the road the road.

Daragh – That time when Marcus was wrecked and slept in the manager’s camper, in the roof bit. The manager woke up, at about 5 in the morning, soaking wet. Yeah that haha

What’s coming up in 2020 from Pagans?

Marcus – just loads more gigs and festivals really. We really wanna take the Pagan Pilgrimage into some different towns and cities.

Connor – we’ve got a sick gig coming up in March. Joe Talbot from Idles is doing a Q and A with Alan McGee and we’ve been asked to play. Cant what for that. 
Daragh  – got some really good festivals to announce as well.
Marcus – looking at releasing some more music as well. We know what the next single will be. It’ll still be a uniquely pagan sound but will take you in a slightly different direction.

???? Credit Paul Husband Photography

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