RGM Introducing – The Roar of The Electric Lion

Hiya folks take a seat,  ​What made you start making music?

Like many people I adore music. I listen to a lot of it. I wanted to be able to make sounds and textures that move me. I wanted to learn how to produce, mix and master myself. Sound is powerful, it’s healing and transformative. I felt a strong pull to want to create music that moves and heals myself. I’m not sure if I’m quite there yet but I’m very self-motivated and who knows if I keep working hard on this I might just create something that cut’s through one day. 

How do you feel like you are progressing through the industry?

In all honesty, I don’t really, I make music, I send it out to places I get no reply, so I keep making music and improving then self-releasing it, some people listen to it. I just love making music, so I’m going to keep doing it. I’m not that confident about it though, I’m striving for excellence and I know I’m not there yet, but each time I release something I get closer.

I’ve started to realize that I need to spend much more time and money reaching out and pushing my music into different places to progress in the industry. I’ve started attending conferences, applying to blogs, and applying for funding, so far nothing has worked, but I’m growing a backbone and getting used to rejection.

I have to find a way to turn that negative into positive energy to keep going, keep refining, to focus on my weakness and improve for next time 🙂 

Is there enough support out there for new artists?

In some ways yes. In Leeds there are some opportunities, organizations like Music: Leeds are helping people. I’ve started to run the EMOM (Electronic music open mic) in Leeds with a few mates, this is good to be involved in as it gives us all an opportunity to perform, improve and create a sense of community. I’m starting to applying for funding and mentoring too. I think there are more people making music now than ever and the bar is really high so It’s hard to get the opportunities that are available.

What was the most fun you have had on stage?

Well I’ve only just started performing as ‘The Roar of The Electric Lion’. However, before I’ve performed hundreds of gigs as a solo acoustic artist and in a funk band for many years. I think it would be playing some UK music festivals within the band ‘The Soul Circle Gang’ we had some pretty special gigs, where we’ve had tents full of hundreds of people jumping and dancing about. I was playing the guitar and performing alongside an amazing singer that could channel the energy of the room, it was ecstasy at times. These days I gain so much pleasure from creating a new production at home, finding the right sounds and knowing that it works. Though I’m working on and hoping to translate this to a live setting soon. I had a ton of gig booked for this year but most of them have been cancelled at the moment due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

What was the worst experience on stage?

Again with the band, I used to perform in, when it all came to an end, we have some pretty embarrassing and upsetting gigs. It was a real rollercoaster, but I would do it all again albeit a bit differently ????

Whats your biggest achievement as a band? 

Well as a musician probably having my music regularly featured on Hollyoaks, it was a song from one of my acoustic albums LISTEN HERE . I do pretty well with royalties out of it too. In the band I played in being on the same bill as Chic, that was exciting. Opening up for Craig Charles several times too. As a producer now, I don’t think there is anything I can say apart from the achievement of creating better mixes, and more recent masters of my own work. Gradually sculpting the sound and learning the skills is a big achievement for me.

What makes me start out as an artist?

I think my genre-hopping, my use of vocals and song structures within the electronic music idiom. I feel like I’m still finding my sound, but then again, what’s the point of limiting yourself creatively? I like to just create and enjoy the process.  I’ve always worked with singers and sing myself on this latest release. I think using vocals opens more people to the music than if it was instrumental, using vocals I find it easier to get the emotion across. 

Its strange times at the min with the virus stopping the whole live music scene in uk and abroad, how do you stay productive while we get through this?

Collaboration, and just keeping a good routine of creating regularly, keep the tap open. This EP that is coming out on May 14th called Blush I decided to experiment with using my own voice this time. Whilst it was a fun experiment I think I prefer working with other voices. I’m not so confident about my voice, I’m a lot more confident in my production skills. So I’ve already sent out several jams to other singers that I’m keen to work with. I expect my next release will feature a few different voices as well as my own.  I’ve already got a lot of strong tracks for the next release so I’m just working towards that, I’m aiming to make an EP each year.

Tell me about your new single and how it came about?

Some of my more coherent work just comes to me like a dream. So the chorus melody I just started singing randomly and it stuck, it just kept coming back to me over and over again, that’s when I knew I needed to work on the idea. It was all quite organic from there, I had day-dreams about how the production could sound. I wanted it to sound like a heavy wool blanket with tons of colourful textures and patterns. The production features lots of textures and sounds coming in and out at different times.

Lot’s of ear candy, little sounds and random noises. I made this in a really visceral way. I committed a lot, the first verse vocal, for example, is the first take, it had the emotion so I rolled with it. Whilst I did this digitally i was employing more of an Analog to tape workflow. I’m finding this works well and creates more honest productions. I always record the first takes of everything, I find they tend to have the original emotion and indent. 

What message do you have for your fans at this moment in time?

Fans, hahah, what fans? ???? I guess I could say the message I have for others in music and music lovers is to indulge, don’t hold back, but listen to your inner critic and always seek to push into your weaknesses, with the purpose of improving don’t ignore them. Be honest. If you’re not having fun then what’s the point, it’s a process, not an end goal, if your enjoying making music then it will come through in the music.

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