RGM Introducing – Waltz Away

Hiya folks take a seat, what made you decide to star a band?

Ell: “Ben i’ll leave this one to you!” 

Ben: “It’s an addiction, I’ve been doing it for 14 years now and no matter what knock backs you get, you just can’t stop, it’s the buzz you get playing live, better than any drug.” 

Introduce us all to the band, how did the band get together?

Ell: “I’m Elliot, I try to play lead guitar” 

Ben: “I’m Ben I play guitar and sing, unfortunately the other two (Steven Smith, Drums and Derren Lee Coole, Bass) weren’t available for this.” 

What is the unsigned scene in Blackburn like at the minute?

Ell: “It’s decent I feel there’s a real buzz about the town at the moment, a bit like – I don’t know.. – a musical phoenix rising from the long dormant ashes of nightlife, there’s something happening again in Blackburn. I guess it’s one of them if you don’t know where it is, you have to look for it, but it’s there, a community and a highly impressive artistic culture on your doorstep. I love it.” 

What good bands are coming out of Blackburn at the minute?

Ell: “There’s loads at the moment, last year we hosted our own event called Waltz Away Presents in a local venue, and put on about I don’t know: 12+ bands and artists? And the talent was awesome. Sky Valley Mistress are just something else, Ruby Tuesdays are absolutely smashing it, and then Fighting Rhythm, Good Foxy, Pints with Ghandi, the talent is second to none in our little bubble of Blackburn.” 

Which member is the biggest nightmare?

Ell: “I’ll say me, Ben will say Ben, we are both nightmares in our own way.” 

Ben: “Yeah Ell’s right, we are both seriously mentally unwell, a nightmare for Steve and Derren”. 

People are unaware of just how tough the music industry is to break through, how are you experiencing it?

Ell: “Yeah course it’s tough, but as long as you don’t believe your the next Oasis you can stay pretty grounded.” 

Ben: “Yeah its seriously tough and there’s not much reward but its all worth it when you step on stage and get that feeling, its like nothing else.” 

Is there enough support out there for new artists?

Ell: “Is there fuck, but we support each other don’t we?” 

Ben: “It’s really tough, not going to lie, but you do what you can and along the way you meet some amazing people.” 

What was the most fun you have had on stage?

Ell: “Waltz Away Presents (as discussed) was fun cause we chose the bands and all our mates were there, and it was an epic night. But for me it would have to be a Sunday Headline slot we did at a Number 39 in Darwen, we packed out the place to the rafters. And everyone was there for us. It was absolutely lovely. Think that was the first time I played were I didn’t know 100% of the faces in the crowd. Which is always a good sign.” 

Ben: “Yeah I’d say the same it was an amazing atmosphere and it was really well received which helps incredibly.” 

What was the worst experience on stage?

Ell: “My Mariah Carey moment. You should never go FULL Mariah. But I did. One of our first ever shows (last October) and I was about to get to the final bit of the final song were I was about to just SHRED IT. This did not happen. I stamped on my pedal and the amp turned off, so I couldn’t play the bit I was mega looking forward to giving the debut shred. I stormed off stage in a huff, proper paddy, proper Mariah. Was extremely embarrassing looking back. Funny tho.” 

Ben: “Probably the same moment for me, I was frantically trying to fix this situation on my hands and knees, all the while the rhythm section continues to play the same section of song for like 5 minutes, lesson learnt.” 

Tell us something about each member yourself that you think people would be surprised about? 

Ell: “I met Ben at a Jonny Brown gig, I had a Bill Ryder-Jones t-shirt on and we became friends from that.” 

Ben: “Wow tough one, I have a huge love for films you can cry at, nothing better than wacking on a saddie and crying your eyes out.” 

Whats your biggest achievement as a band?

Ell: “It was sound that one of our first shows was the Adidas Official Afterparty after the Adidas exhibition in Blackburn last year. But I reckon it was the vinyls for our debut single. We took a risk and bought shit loads of vinyls for our debut release. And these sold out in hours!! I was well proud and buzzing about that. 

Also Andy Burnham announced us runners up in his April 2020 #MayorsMancBandOfTheMonth, I love that man.” 

Ben: “I’d say the event we put on from scratch, we booked like 15 bands over two floors and actually managed to pull it off, pretty last minute but we did it and it was rammers.” 

What makes you stand out as a band?

Ell: “We are a proper odd band, a proper shit jigsaw of males, like we don’t really fit together, a real eclectic mix of interests and musical ideas. But it works. Especially around us, I feel nobody is writing these happy heartbreakers that we are” 

Ben: “It’s the happiest sad music you’ll ever hear”.  

Right now, whats pissing you off the most? (Cant say the virus 🙂 ) 

Ell: “Other than the current situation, the establishment and Weatherpersons. Literally everything pisses me off… this is tough…people that stand in the middle of the aisle in The Asda, nah actually I’m gunna say Facebook Competitions. Shite them. (I never win).” 

Ben: “Fucking hell, everything, I hate most things and most people. The whole thing of, did you actually go on a walk if you didn’t Instagram it, ahh off you fuck with that.”  

Its strange times at the min with the virus almost stopping the whole live music scene in uk and abroad, how do you lan to stay productive while we get through this?

Ell: “We still practice in our seperate homes, Ben sends me a song, and I chuck some lead to it. See if it works etc. It keeps us sane I guess” 

Ben: “We’ve been experimenting with lockdown video where each of us play our parts and then wack em together, they work really well and it keeps us fresh.”  

Tell us about a time when you had a proper reyt laugh while you were all together?

Ell: “That’s a fucking solid question, we are always laughing. Good for your mind being in a band with your mates, people would pay alot of money for the therapy I get from just a weekly rehearsal with these lads”

Ben: “God we’ve had some right laughs, usually the time just after a gig when you all end up pissed out your heads and start telling how much you love each other, those moments are brilliant.” 

Tell me about your new single and how it came about?

Ell: “Ben…” 

Ben: “I’m a hugeee Twin Peaks fan and the song is written about the main character Laura Palmer, I though i was in love with her for a while and realised it wasn’t feasible, so i wrote a song about her instead. The songs about loss and people can take what ever they need from it.” 

Whats coming up in 2020 for the band?

Ell: “Well fuck all. Its cancelled init. Shite. We had loads planned. As soon as we can get back in that recording studio we’ll be there. Hopefully we can claw back that last couple of months and smash some gigs and nights out over the festive period.” 

Ben: “It’s been pretty pretty pretttty shit so far, so realistically the plans are to just be allowed in the same room as each other again and carry on writing.” 

Is there anything else you would like to share with the world?

Ell: “Please check us out, we’ve got so many plans to jump back into the studio. We are ready, and songs will be coming THICK and FAST.” 

Ben: “Liverpool are the champions of Europe.” 

Cheers lads