I hear you have a new single called “Serendipity,” what can you tell us about it?

Serendipity was written about some of the challenging ways we can feel inside of a relationship when it gets difficult.  The song suggests creative solutions to get past those feelings.  As a painter and musician I looked to the sun, moon and rain as master teachers to better understand and mimic human behavior. I think at any point in our lives we are always looking for Serendipity to guide us and give us justification for our choices.

What was the biggest learning curve in creating the single?

There was a huge learning curve recording this song. Turned out to be a wonderful inner lesson for me.  We recorded it in Nashville and on the day of the recording I was teaching the song to the other musicians. They played it in a different tuning than me and when I wanted to add my acoustic guitar part over they’re parts they kept telling me it didn’t match and it was too conflicting.  When I came back to NY I just couldn’t stop listening to this nagging feeling I had inside. 

I was very determined to find a way to put my acoustic parts more dominantly inside that song. It took me a few months but like any math problem, I kept at it until I found a solution. I finally found a way that worked and re-recorded my guitar parts with the band’s and we were able to bring out my acoustic playing in this recording which was very important to me because since I was looking to the sun, moon and rain as my guides in this song there had to be a strong element of earthy overtones coming from my acoustic playing! 

I’m thrilled that I did not ignore these feelings and I kept at it until I found a solution! Bottom line: Always listen to your gut feelings.

Would you change anything now it is finished?

Because I listened so carefully to this intrinsic need to fix this basic issue (in the answer above) there is nothing I would change at all about how SERENDIPITY came out! I’m very excited about it and wouldn’t change a thing.

What makes you stand out as an artist?

What makes me stand out as an artist is my vast past as a painter and my current reality as a mother. These extraordinary parts of my life feed me unusual approaches to songwriting and performing. Where there used to be fear there is now none.  I feel grounded inside my musical passion to express poetry and themes of significance so I can justify my inner madness 😘