Hiya folks thanks for joining us in the virtual RGM lounge today, grab a brew and take a seat.

What made you decide to start the band / become a soloist?

My eldest sister, Cindy, kind of drove to go for it. I’ve always wanted to sing professionally but I was super scared because I felt I didn’t have the right look or sound. When she passed, it was a wake-up call to go for my dreams because I might have tomorrow.

Introduce us to you and your musical history?

I’m David Givens and I’m the Palmetto State of South Carolina. Singing since age two and writing since thirteen. I started taking the whole music thing seriously in 2015. I was raised in the church, but I was attached to Pop, Rock, and Electronic music My parents and family weren’t keen on the idea but they’re growing to accept it.

What’s one question you’re sick of being asked when interviewed?

“Who is your favorite artist or musical inspiration” is that question. It’s not that I don’t like it but I’m a music junkie and I love talking about my favorite artists and their works for hours. It’s so hard to narrow that down into a small 10-20 second sentence. 

Do you sign up for any conspiracy theories? 

Can we consider Multiverse Theory a conspiracy? I’m just asking because I got serious some thoughts on the different universes. 😊

What useless party trick do you have? 

I used to do this weird back bend at dances in college. I don’t know if others liked it, but I thought it was cool.

What was the most fun you have had on stage?

Just seeing the people be engaged and having fun. I love having fun playing with the crowd, cracking jokes with my DJ and friend DJ Prince Charming, and just being in the moment. Those are the most fun moments for me.

What was the worst experience on stage?

There was this one time during my first year of taking this seriously and I got the opportunity to perform in Miami in front of these major producers and A&Rs. I was super confident yet nervous about performing for the second time at that point. Anyway, it was my turn to perform, and let’s just say my nerves had me sounding like I was Tigger. I’ve gotten better since then for sure. Thanks for that, Misha {vocal coach}

Tell us something about you that you think people would be surprised about? 

I’m very nerdy in a way. I love Comics, anime, and Video Games like Kingdom Hearts. I’m also an avid Disney fanboy along with my sister Renee. We are currently replaying Encanto and are always up to date on Disney Park stuff. Yeah, we’re a Disney Family.

What Kind of Anime do you like? Has it inspired your music and sound?

I love series such as Saint Seiya, Demon Slayer, Digimon Tamers, Dragon Ball, Ghost in the Shell, Trigun, and Sailor Moon. Anime has been somewhat of an inspiration in my music and lyricism. 

If you had to describe your band/music to an alien how would you describe it? 

Well, If Prince, Robyn, Sam Smith, Janet Jackson, and Jason Derulo decided to form Voltron then Voltron is basically my sound. Just jokes I swear. In all honesty, This sound, blerd pop, is basically music that speaks the truth, that is fun, that inspires those people who dare to dream, and most of all to be a signal of hope for all who have none.

What makes you stand out as a band/Artist?

That’s a good question! I believe what makes me stand out is just being authentic and the music reflects that. I’m just sharing my stories and experiences. I’m not trying to be someone I’m not; only the person I aspire to be. 

Right now, what’s pissing you off the most? (Can’t say the virus)

GRAD SCHOOL!!! Oh My God, Graduate School is the absolute worst on my schedule. I’m kidding. I’m currently a student at South Carolina State University pursuing a Master’s in Speech Pathology. (Go Bulldogs!) and I enjoy it for the most part but My God, it’s torture to your sleep schedule. Since I’m shouting out alma maters, A SPECIAL SHOUT OUT to my Tigers at BENEDICT COLLEGE in Columbia, SC

What’s your favorite song to play live and why?

I love performing Addiction and Ready during shows. Those songs connect me to my Caribbean roots in such a fun way plus I get to sing in Spanish so that’s a plus.

I hear you have a new record, what can you tell us about it?

Absolutely! FREQUENCY is the name of my new single and it will be featured on my upcoming album RESURGENCE. I wrote the song in September 2021 while dealing with Covid. The song is about fighting through grief and heartache, being in a place where you can turn the negative moments into growth experiences. This song will be for charity as all proceeds will

Talk me through the thought process of the new music?

There really wasn’t a process for this one, which is weird, because all my other songs had serious thought put into it. However, it was kind of therapeutic for me at the time. I had just lost two family members and an 11-year-old special needs student. It was too much for me, so I just wrote everything I felt

What was the recording process like?

The recording process went very smoothly. I recorded the single at War Drum Mixing in Savannah GA, which is where I recorded most of my songs, and this was the last project my engineer, Cliff Allen, and I worked on together. It was, again, therapeutic for me to this song. The only difficult part of it all was that I was still feeling the residual effects of Covid, so I was virtually at limited vocal strength.

What was the biggest learning curve in writing it?

 Just letting go and don’t overthink it because I tend to overthink everything. From the vocals arrangement to aesthetic, I tend to be very critical over everything because I want it right but FREQUENCY was different. There was no agenda, wasn’t a part of my original tracklist, but it was something I wanted to do for myself.

Would you change anything now it’s finished?

Nothing. It’s perfect as it lol

What are your plans for the year ahead?

It’s going to be a semi-quiet year with school and all. however, I’m still in production of my album RESURGENCE, which is due in late 2022, and doing a couple of shows both in person and virtually. Hopefully, in 2023, I can do a small tour and get to meet every single supporter who has stuck with me this long and all the new friends I’ll get to meet along the way.

Is there anything else you would like to share with the world?

I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who has been rocking with me. Thank you for listening to the music and being a super supporter. I’m truly blessed to wake up every day and share my art with you. Thank you so so much and please continue to cheer me on.

Chech out Davids website HERE