Hiya, thanks for joining us in the virtual RGM lounge today, grab a brew and take a seat.

What made you decide to that music is a thing for you?

I decided creating music was a passion o fine during lockdown for Covid. I always loved going to see shows and embracing the music, so I felt the need to start making my own!

Introduce us to you and your musical history.

My name is Chase. I am from Northeast Ohio and I go by the name Disco Dreams because Disco is my gaming name and I love dreamy music. I learned the DAW myself with online videos and continue to learn and take advice as much as I possibly can to hone my skills more. The only other experience I have is knowing the treble scale from band in high school playing the french horn haha. 

What’s one question you’re sick of being asked when interviewed?

I guess things about Covid or if they were to ask about any World problems; that gets annoying. 

We set up RGM USA and many other countries in the world to share music with america and the UK, good idea?

Of course, that’s a great idea! Do as many places as you can I would say.

Do you sign up to any conspiracy theories? 

Not political ones, but maybe we’re just all aliens or we’re in a simulated system haha.

Did you buy anything you don’t need in the pandemic?

A couple of useless video games I hated.

What useless party trick do you have? 

I’m really good at shotgunning beers lol.

What was the most fun you have had on stage?

The most fun would be my first album release party.

What was the worst experience on stage?

I haven’t really had any bad experiences yet, but I bet that day will definitely come. Still newer to playing live. I sing and play piano live, but I am learning to have a great dj set before I really start blowing people up. 

Tell us something about you that you think people would be surprised about? 

I got married at 24 

If you had to describe your band/music to an alien how would you describe it? 

Well, hopefully the alien would totally love it, because sometimes I feel like I do make music for aliens.

What makes you stand out as a band/artist?

Probably because I sing and produce everything myself and try to find as many noises to record in hopes to make it more unique and different.

Right now, what’s pissing you off the most?

Currently how everything is so freaking expensive and how it’s hard to work full time and create music full time.

What’s your favourite song to play live and why?

Voices and Time Away. I just really enjoy singing those songs live and feeling the emotion inside.

I hear you have a new music, what can you tell us about it?

My new song Ether Swamp is more upbeat and dancy, yet still dreamy like my previous releases.

What was the recording process like?

The recording process is the most fun part for me. I do everything In my spare room and like to come back to the song in stages. 

What was the biggest learning curve in writing the single?

The newest learning curve now is juggling promoting, making live sets, and creating music. It takes me longer now for anything because I use to only have to worry about creating music before my first release was out and now it’s a juggling game. 

Would you change anything now it’s finished?

No, I wouldn’t. I think listening to how I grow and learn as an artist is awesome. Plus I like the raw indie sound before some people get really good anyways. 

What are your plans for the year ahead?

Just this winter completely focus on my second album and new DJ sets. I will absolutely love to share with the world my 2nd studio album and be signed to a label