Hiya folks thanks for joining us in the virtual RGM lounge today, grab a brew and take a seat.

What made you decide to start the band?

It happened very naturally. I had been in a band called The Midnight Club for about 6 years until the pandemic hit. We relied heavily on live shows for the productivity and economics for the band, so it had a huge effect on us. I had a lot of free time and more ideas than I knew what to do with so I started making songs for music libraries. In doing that, I developed myself as a singer and also stumbled upon a few songs I wasn’t comfortable selling. Before I knew it, I had a full album and Moon Walker was born!

Introduce us all to the members and your musical history?

It’s just me and our drummer, Sean McCarthy. We both discovered a passion for our respective instruments at a very young age and cut our teeth playing in various metal/punk bands around Colorado. We actually met each other when our respective metal bands played a show together. We ended up forming the band The Midnight Club together and tours/released music regularly for about 6 years. We moved out to LA together and formed Moon Walker in quarantine. 

What’s one question you’re sick of being asked when interviewed?

Not that we get asked it *that* much but I don’t like when people ask me to clarify what lyrics mean. My lyrics are already so on-the-nose, I don’t want to spoil anyone else’s interpretation by outright saying what I intended them to mean.

Do you sign up to any conspiracy theories? 

Not really. But I guess it depends on how you define conspiracy theories haha. Like, I don’t think 9/11 was an inside job and I don’t think the Illuminati exists. But I do think that the government/corporate elite have their own agendas to uphold and I don’t think that being honest or moral is necessarily among their priorities. 

What useless party trick do you have? 

This is gonna sound so weird…. But I can move my hair without moving any other part of my body hahahaha.

What was the most fun you have had on stage?

In my old band The Midnight Club, we had a pretty large following in Colorado. I have some really fond memories playing headlining sets at the Bluebird, Gothic and Fox Theatre.

What was the worst experience on stage?

Oh boy… One time The Midnight Club played at my high school. It was humiliating. The show went awful.

Tell us something about you / each member that you think people would be surprised about? 

Sean does all of our animations and I make our music videos with my girlfriend. 

If you had to describe your band/music to an alien how would you describe it? 

Oh boy. I think I would just play it for them and ask them to describe it from their perspective!

What makes you stand out as a band/artist?

I think very few artists are as politically outspoken and confrontational as us. We will never mince words for the sake of appealing to a wider demographic. We are what we are, people can embrace it or reject it. I don’t care. 

Right now, what’s pissing you off the most? (Can’t say the virus )

Republicans, Tik Tok, and Spotify.

What’s your favourite song to play live and why?

Doombox. Singing the chorus never gets old!

I hear you have a new single/album/ep, what can you tell us about it?

“Doombox” is the first single from our upcoming album. I think this record takes everything we did on our debut and just expands on it. It’s clearly the same band but we’ve expanded drastically in terms of the instruments we use, inspirations we channel and types of songs we’re comfortable making.

Talk me through the thought process of the single/album/ep?

It feels like when I make Moon Walker records, I’m really just trying to survive haha. I know that sounds super pretentious but, when I work with other artists, I’m always very conscious of what we’re aiming for and how I can accomplish it to the best of my abilities. When I make Moon Walker music, I’m basically just debilitatingly depressed and need to make SOMETHING that can act as a vehicle to relieve myself of my existential dread. It’s very cathartic. Beyond that, there’s very little intention.

What was the recording process like?

Insulated. It’s pretty much just messing around with sounds and creating a soundscape that I can vent over. When an idea starts to emerge, I approach it more like a traditional producer.

What was the biggest learning curve in writing the single/album/ep?

How to know when to stop!

Would you change anything now it’s finished?

So many things…. I wish I could remix the whole thing… But I think it’s important to honor the vision you had when you made it. I’ve moved onto other music. When I made Doombox, this was the mix I felt represented the song. 

What are your plans for the year ahead?

Release music and play shows!

Is there anything else you would like to share with the world?

“Doombox” is available on February 25t! CHECK HERE FOR DETAILS