Ava Valianti


Hi Ava, Introduce us to you all and your musical history.

I mean, I’ve been performing for as long as I possibly could! I’m a theater kid at heart, and started to act at age 3. Musicals really introduced me to singing, and ever since then, I’ve loved to sing. Around age 7, I started to see a voice teacher, and progressed in my singing abilities. I learned piano around the same time, but only recently picked up guitar. I started to write songs at age 9, although they started out pretty corny. I went to a songwriting camp a few summers ago, and my passion for writing songs really came from there! I’ve been making music ever since!

What’s the live music scene like in Newbury right now? Anyone we should be looking out for? (Bar you of course)

The live music scene in Newbury is wonderful! From Yankee Homecoming to Plumfest to so much more, there’s a ton of opportunities to perform and showcase your talents as an artist! I’m looking forward to being able to play at some of these great events and I have a steady stream of gigs booked for the summer! As for people to look out for, I am a beginner on the scene, so I don’t know many people in the local music scene very well. I did, however, just do a Girl Jam session with Cynthia Keefe and recommend seeing her live – she’s tremendous!

What was your best experience on stage?

Really any time that I get to play live is my best experience onstage! I just so enjoy talking to everyone in the audience, engaging with them, and playing them songs that I love! I just played “Dreams” by The Cranberries at the Joy Nest recently, and everyone started to sing along! It’s moments like those that I really love, and they make me want to play more! I also just did the musical SIX recently, and that was one of my all-time favorite experiences onstage (in a different sense)! 

What was your worst experience on stage?

Ava Valianti

This one’s not so recent, but it’s definitely my worst onstage experience. Surprisingly, given my current vocation, I actually used to have huge stage fright. Not when I performed in plays or musicals, because in those I was playing a character. But when I had to get up onstage and sing as Ava Valianti, I used to get really scared. There was a talent show at my school that I wanted to sing in when I was in the 1st Grade, but when I got up onstage for the first rehearsal, I couldn’t even speak.

was going to be singing “Maybe” from Annie, and I was so excited, but the second that I got up there my fear just completely washed over me and I just stood there for a little bit. I just felt all of the eyes on me, waiting, staring, and I couldn’t handle it. It really surprised and upset me. Then I cried, a lot. And I ended up not performing in that year’s talent show. Luckily, once I found a voice teacher and worked on my confidence, I got to sing in the talent show when I was in 4th Grade. That was definitely my worst onstage moment, but it also inspired me to work on my confidence and get better at singing/performing!

What are the next steps you plan to take as a band/solo act to reach the next level?

I just want to continue my outreach! Always playing out, always writing, always putting out new music! But I think that the key is, as much as it’s hard for me to stay on top of, to always put out social media content to expand where my music reaches people! I want people all over the world to feel and connect to my music, and I think being active on social media is definitely one way to make that happen!

I hear you have new music, what can you tell us about it?

January is a song that I wrote at one of my lower moments, about this feeling that I couldn’t shake. Unrequited feelings are always hard to deal with, but it’s even harder when you know that the person they’re falling for is a better fit for them than you are. It’s a hard truth to come to terms with, but writing this song helped me deal with this feeling!

What was the recording process like?

The recording process for January was really fun! It did take a while to complete, as we were struggling to find a musical direction to take it in, but the deliberation really paid off! This song, like my last one (Middle Ground), had a ton of fun harmonies that I got to record! Some were really delicate and subtly placed in the mix, while others we got to have more fun with!

The whole process of creating this song was pretty joyful for me, and the end result is just superb! I’m so proud of what we’ve created, and just can’t wait for people to hear it because it means so much to me.

Is there anything else you would like to share with the world?

It would mean the world to me if you listened to my song! This one is, by far, the most personal yet, but I really think it talks about a universal experience! I am also working on my first EP and I’m planning to release it by early fall! Thank you for reading this, and I hope you connect to my songs!


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