Hiya folks thanks for joining us in the virtual RGM lounge today, grab a brew and take a seat.

What made you decide to start GLOW BEETS?

I started Glow Beets out of my curiosity and passion for dance music which goes back quite a long time. My main occupation is writing and producing for various different recording artists, predominantly in Europe and Japan and so my role is to provide and assist the goals of various projects. With Glow Beets I get to call the shots and decide what I’m putting out and on what label it goes through. That sense of creative freedom is a lot of fun.

Introduce us you and your musical history?

Jonny Amos. I have been actively making music since the mid 1990s and played various roles over the years as an artist, a session player, a lecturer, a researcher, a presenter, a songwriter, a producer, a production company owner.

Do you sign up to any conspiracy theories? 

I guess but it’s really my own synthesized theory but I genuinely believe the lock ness monster existed but died sometime in the early 20th century. Yeah, it’s a weird theory haha! I do enjoy reading and learning about others’ conspiracy theories though and I’m open minded to anything. I just tend to not get suckered into them that easily. Narrative can be easily sensationalised in the modern era so I tend to take things with a pinch of salt. Area 51 actually – there’s another one. I’d love to find out more about that one day. There’s definitely some weird shit going on there.

What useless party trick do you have? 

I can remember the eye colour of anyone I’ve ever met. Even if I’ve only met someone once ten years ago for instance. Not exactly a party trick. Its really quite weird when you think about it haha! It’s a completely useless skill haha!

What was the most fun you have had on stage?

I used to be in a rock band called Red Star Rebels. We had a great run for 3 years between 2005 and 2008. We went from playing to two men and a dog in a pub to playing sold out shows within around 18 months and I did the whole thing with my mates. It was amazing. We were utterly electric on stage. In fact we didn’t just stay on the stage, we’d be on balconies, PA stacks, bars…all sorts of crazy stuff thanks to radio pack technology!

What was the worst experience on stage?

Live Looping during my one-man band act The Maker Band back in late 2008 whilst on tour. I live looped some dreadful sounding off key feedback and had to endure it for the rest of the song. Dreadful moment. Urgh!

If you had to describe your music to an alien how would you describe it? 

Upbeat, fun, uplifting and bright EDM.

What makes you stand out as a artist?

One of the key values I like the Glow Beets brand to stand out for is the introduction of new talent. I am always on the lookout for emerging singer songwriters to collaborate with or remix.

Right now, what’s pissing you off the most?

Anything could piss you off if you let it. I tend to try and stay positive about most things. We only get to do this life thing once so we may as well embrace and enjoy every second we have here. Moaning always seems like a waste of time and energy to me. Its such an easy thing to do.

I hear you have a new single, what can you tell us about it?

Yes, I have a new single out on March 24th. Its called California and its an upbeat tropical house song just in time for the warmer months. I tend to cowrite most of the projects I’m involved with but I actually wrote this song on my own.

Talk me through the thought process of the single?

My wife and I and our little baby boy moved two days before Christmas. Yeah crazy I know but anyway…On the day we moved I was sat in the new house on my own for 2 hours waiting for the removal company to arrive. I was in an empty house and just had my laptop with me (and milk and tea bags of course!!!). I started thinking back to when my wife and I met in California back in 2013 and how far our lives have come since, especially whilst sat in a new house with so many memories ahead of us waiting to be created. I rarely reflect so I had a moment to think back to our long distance relationship, how I told her I loved her for the first time and what happened since such as getting married and starting a family.. That’s where the song’ California’ came from. I wrote the song in about an hour, finished my cup of tea and then the removals company arrived and I’d got my next single ready. Nice!

What was the recording process like?

Nice and easy. I made the whole thing on my laptop in a few hours and outsourced the vocals on soundbetter.com to a dude who has exactly the right kind of voice.

What was the biggest learning curve in writing the single?

This one was pretty straightforward forward, to be honest as I knew exactly what I wanted to say and how I wanted it to come across.

Would you change anything now it’s finished?

Probably not but that’s not for me to judge. Plus this is house music. It can always be remixed.

What are your plans for the year ahead?

More and more singles… My last single was on Italian dance label Milleville Records, the one before that was on Danish label Kashkow Records and this one is on dutch edm label Yeiskomp records. I like to partner with different people and create different paths and networks for distribution. 

Is there anything else you would like to share with the world?

Watch out closely for some big up-and-coming future stars I’ll be releasing music with later in 2022.