Hiya Darrian thanks for joining us in the virtual RGM lounge today, grab a brew and take a seat

Thank you so much for having me!

What made you decide to become a soloist?

I’ve always wanted to make music – ever since I heard Sk8er Boi by Avril Lavigne for the first time haha. It’s all I’ve really ever wanted to do or be. I always thought I needed some sort of fancy record deal to make music, but the wonderful world of technology let’s me create music at home and release it independently, which I am so grateful for. 

Introduce us all to you and your musical history?

My name is Darrian Gerard and I’m a Canadian independent pop-rock artist who writes, records, and produces all of my own music! I’ve been playing guitar since I was 7, which then lead to piano, drums, and bass. I just started releasing music this year, my first single, I Don’t Need Anyone, came out in April 2021. Since then, I’ve released 3 more singles and an acoustic version – and my newest single!

What’s your favourite song right now from another band currently on your local circuit?

This sounds horrible but I don’t really listen to much music outside of my like, 3 favourite bands. Right now my favourite song is Losing My Mind by Angels & Airwaves.

We have set up RGM Canada recently sharig Canadian music with the uk scene and vice versa, will that help you?

100% that would help me! Any kind of connections is amazing for small independent artists like me. Especially from Canada to the UK!

What are your thoughts on the UK music scene?

I think it’s awesome! When I think of the UK music scene it ranges from One Direction, to YUNGBLUD, to Adelle – so much variety and so much talent to offer! BBC Radio is also massive across the world!

Do you sign up to any conspiracy theories? 

Most of the time, no. I am a believer in ghosts and aliens though. 

What support is out there for new artists in Duncan?

I live in a super small town that is definitely not a music town haha. I get most of my supports online.

What useless party trick /talent do you have/? 

I can name all 32 NHL (hockey) teams because my friend and I used to practice it in high school haha.

What was the most fun you have had on stage?

I’ve only really ever performed once since I started releasing music this year. So that would have to be at the Football/Soccer game at Starlight Stadium in Langford, BC.

What was the worst experience on stage?I have not had one yet officially, but one time I did a talent show in Grade 7 and the music cut out so I had to sing the song acapella. I’ve never performed without a guitar since haha.

Tell us something about you that you think people would be surprised about?

I’m a highland dancer! I started dancing when I was 3 years old.

If you had to describe your music to an alien how would you describe them? 

If Tom DeLonge and Avril Lavigne had a kid, Darrian Gerard would be the product.

What advice would you give someone going into the music industry?

Don’t wait! Just do it and do be afraid of what people will think. There will always be doubters, but you only have one life to live and if music is your passion, then why not go for it. Use the internet to your advantage and take in as much knowledge as humanly possible, then apply it to your career. 

Whats your biggest achievement as an Artist?

I don’t really have any jaw-dropping achievements as a small artist yet, but something I found super cool was hearing my song on live radio. From the first time my song was played, to any time in between, hearing my own music I created on the radio gives me butterflies every time. 

What makes you stand out as an Artist?

I make music for the sake of it being my favourite genre rather than making music for the sole purpose of going viral. I look up to other artists who follow those values and create music for the love of creating music, and I’d like to think people will recognize that in me, too. I also think I have the potential to stand out because of how involved I am in the entire process of each song. I am the one writer on all of the tracks, the musician, and the producer. It wouldn’t be as personal if I had other people doing those things for me, in my opinion. 

Right now, whats pissing you of the most? (Cant say the virus )

The fact that Spotify only pays artists an average of 0.0038 cents per stream.

We hear you have a new release coming?

Yes!! It’s called Old Wounds and it will be out on December 31st. A bit darker, sadder pop-rock song about not being able to let things go. 

Talk me through the thought process of the single/album?

I wrote Old Wounds in the summer of 2020 when something triggered an old memory and I realized I wasn’t completely healed from the past as I once thought I was, thus, I kept opening old wounds. I actually wrote the song and produced it while I was doing an online producing course, and I listened to it again recently and realized I really loved the concept, so I re-produced it into its final form. I wanted it to sound a bit edgier, darker, and punchy. I love how it starts a bit more intimate and then builds onto each added instrument. 

What was the recording process like?

Having produced it previously, I sort of took the bones from that then completely re-arranged it into more of a pop-rock song rather than just pop. The base instrument is a piano, which I usually don’t use as the main instrument, but I think it adds something different to what you would be used to hearing from me. I then build up the song with some heavy drums and a simple but cool baseline and then the electric guitars come in to round everything out. I record everything in the comfort of my own home so the recording process is super chill and fun for me. 

What was the biggest learning curve in writing the single/album?

I love writing songs because it’s also like releasing a bunch of your thoughts and emotions into an art form where you’re able to sort of figure things out along the way and resolve things in your head by writing them out. With Old Wounds, I realized I wasn’t fully healed from certain things from the past, but it was going to be okay and things always get better. It also made me realize I’m a big past-dweller haha.

Would you change anything now its finished?

Absolutely nothing – thankfully haha. I’m so happy with the final product, no going back now. 

What are your plans for the year ahead?

I have a lot of tentative plans not written in stone for 2022, but one thing for certain is I’m going to keep releasing music. Whether that’s in single form, EP, or a whole album – who knows. I hope to perform more and hopefully get a better grasp on the music industry and continue to move up.

Is there anything else you would like to share with the world?

Do what you like and do it honestly (my favourite quote/lyric) ☺