Hiya, lets kick into it. What made you decide that music is a thing for you?

I fell in love with music as a teenager and wanted to spend my life making it and playing it. I started playing the electric guitar when I was around 12 but fell in love with electronic music after hearing songs such as New Order’s Blue Monday. I saved up to buy a synthesizer, then a drum machine, and then a sampler made electronic music, and have never looked.

Introduce us to you and your musical history.

The Badly Behaved was started by me, Richard von Kalmar, and has a fluid lineup of musicians. Several different vocalists have collaborated with the band and Stewart Irving is the vocalist on most of the songs on Who am I? the album we released in May 2022. Cole van Dias sings on Govinda Jaya Jaya and the title track of the album, Who am I? too.

The music industry is the hardest industry in the world to progress in, How do you feel you are doing?

Our last release, the Lauer remix of Runaway, a song from our album who am I?, has been played by around 400 radio stations, has been streamed over 30,000 times on Spotify and reached no. 3 on the European Indi chart. So, I’d say we’re doing quite well, given the age of the band but, of course, we still have a long way to go!

We set up RGM USA and many other countries in the world (now including RGM Germany) to share music with America and the UK, good idea?

Absolutely! We live in a global village and being exposed to art, in all forms, from other parts of the ‘village’ enriches our lives. The cross-pollination of ideas across different territories also helps as all improve and develop ourselves and our art.

Do you sign up to any conspiracy theories? 

Elvis Presley is still alive!

Let’s share the love, what bands are doing really well in your Town / City?

He isn’t from my city, but he’s also from Germany and I think Philipp Lauer is doing really well and that he deserves all the success in the world.

What advice would you give other artists starting out?

Rather be alright at everything than brilliant at just one thing. For example, it doesn’t help to be a great keyboardist but not all that good at writing songs or marketing yourself.

Did you buy anything you don’t need during the pandemic?

Airline tickets! Fortunately, the airlines were always prepared to reschedule flight bookings or provide vouchers to use on future dates.

What was the worst experience on stage?

My guitar cable was accidentally unplugged.

Tell us something about you / each member that you think people would be surprised about. 

The Who am I? album was engineered and co-produced Rick Wolff, who was the frontman of the British band White Plains and is 77 years old now.

If you had to describe your band/music to an alien how would you describe it? 

It’s a band that produces sounds that make people want to move with lyrics that make them think.

What makes you stand out as a band/artist?

We boundlessly combine many different musical genres and styles and combine the music with lyrics that question the world we live in and the hypocrisy we all experience every day.

I hear you have new music, what can you tell us about it.

We’re about to release Govinda Jaya Jaya, a song based on a Hindu chant, often sung in the Krishna Consciousness movement. It has a tempo of 106 BPM and a strong Balearic feel.

Talk me through the thought process of the new tune/s.

The chant was previously used in songs with the same title by Kula Shaker and by George Harrison of the Beatles. I wanted to produce an electronic song using the chant and fused it with an electronic bassline, swirling pads, percussion and ‘big’ guitar sounds towards the end to help build it up to a crescendo.

What was the recording process like?

The music was recorded and mixed first. We recorded a number of different takes with the two singers, each time experimenting with different vocals styles and ideas. When they kept the vocal recordings we liked most and mixed and mastered the song.

What was the biggest learning curve in writing the new tunes?

I discovered that I really like writing and recording mid-tempo songs and rediscovered the joy of developing a structure for the song as it evolved, rather than sticking to a pop-song structure.

Would you change anything now it’s finished?

I would perhaps include more variations of the chant.

Is there anything else you would like to share with the world?

Because of the Hindu chant, this is a spiritual song. We’ve always tried to be as respectful as possible towards Krishna, Hinduism, and everyone who will listen to the song, and we sincerely hope we haven’t offended anyone.