Hiya folk’s thanks for joining us in the virtual RGM lounge today, grab a brew and take a seat.

What made you decide that music is a thing for you?

The way it makes you feel, no matter how you are feeling there is a song that moment!! The good and the bad, the angry or the sad. There is that go to tune that will ease the pain or increase the joy. No other medicine can do that without leaving long term damage. I love making music that I like and the songs describe a moment in time for pMad. Questioning ourselves, standing up for ourselves and the planet, loss, fear, sadness, happiness, remembering. Who wouldn’t want that thing called music!!

What was the first song you heard that steered you into a music path?

It would have to be ‘There Is a Light That Never Goes Out’ – The Smiths, such a wonderful song. The happy and the sad all together in a few lines. Absolute genius lyrics as so many of The Smiths tracks are and then the music to complete the tune!! The pleasure, the privilege is mine………..it most certainly is. 

The music industry is the hardest industry in the world to progress in, how do you feel you are doing?

Would see the word industry in two parts, the making of stuff and the profit. The musicians, artists, etc make the music and the rest seem to make the profits! No more than the soccer player conveyor belt there is the musician conveyor belt, there will always be people who want to play soccer and make music! With that raw material and people attention span being so short, the disposal musician, music and art is now here. So called Boy Bands, Girls Bands or whatever they are called now are a prime example, created by industry and where are they now. Not many still going or making a living from music. I Love to see people succeeding but making a living is even more important. Unfortunately, so many of the creators do not make a living but the industry makes huge profits. Why is that? But no more than the rest of the inequalities of the world, how and who will solve them! Billionaires and Politics have the power……why would they change anything!! They tax the poor because there are so many of them!!

I’m seeing a lot of debate about women not feeling safe at music gigs, any thoughts on what we need to do to help?

There is no debate, it just should not happen!! Just can’t understand it and how this is happening. Everybody has the right to feel safe not just at gigs but everywhere. But not to feel safe at gigs is just so awful! When you go to a gig you be with people that are obviously into the same band as you and is meant to be a joyous occasion and you don’t feel safe, absolutely shocking. Bands, Promoters, Venues, Gig Goers, Police, everyone need to take major action on this! Press charges, ban from venues, etc anybody that does not respect other gig goers!! If it happened on the street, charges would be brought and the courts would decide, why should it be any different inside of venues. It needs to be fully announced before gigs, in terms in conditions/tickets, that it just will not be tolerated! 

Name me your 5 favorite Albums.

WoW, just 5, love so many, I am an album fan, they are not so popular these days with streaming. But let me see, you couldn’t go wrong listening to these 5 albums

The The – Soul Mining

A House – I Want Too Much

The Chapman Family – Burn Your Town

Dinosaur Jr – Where You Been

Therapy? – Caucasian Psychosis

I hear you have new music, what can you tell us about it.

Thank you so much for asking, yes indeed, pMad is releasing its new single ‘Down’ on Valentine’s Day 02/14/23, not so much a love song but a break free from the abusive/bullying relationships that people get trapped in!! Break the cycle and do not be Down!! Don’t let these people keep exerting the power the feel they have over you, you need to stop it now for your own safety and mind……or it will just begin again each day. Who has the right to look down on you, no one!! 

It will be in all the usual places and links will be later in the interview, if you can get through to the end without………

What was the biggest learning in writing the new tunes?

Now with pMad onto its second album and having had such success with all the tracks on ‘Who Why Where What’ which was so so amazing, cannot thank people enough! The next thing was to keep the pMad ethos sound but still to have different sounding tracks to WWWW. No, the easiest thing in the world but luckily for pMad, the music has basically been created over a long period of thing, so different influences are not too hard to come by. Can understand how difficult the second album can be for a band not long together, spend their time perfecting the first album and the hits and then have to do it all again over a short period of time!! You are only as good your last tune!! People will just move on sadly. Hopefully pMad tracks will live on a it longer than just a few streams! 

Would you change anything now it’s finished?

No is the short answer. Though I do like remixing pMad tracks into other types. Testing myself and the limits pMad can go too!! But am a firm believer in not is perfect, everything can be improved on. So, get the tune well produced, and mixed and unleash it into the world. You can go back and re-master and do all sorts of things with the tune in time! But do not leave it sitting in a hard drive somewhere and the world never gets to hear it, that would be such a shame!! I don’t worry about the tune, I won’t clog up the internet, its full of lots of putrid shite already!!At worst I will only add to it!!

Is there anything else you would like to share with the world?

I want to share my thanks to the world and all that have played, listened, shared, emailed, bought, commented, like, retweeted, and the list goes on, I am just so grateful to you all, pMad would be nothing without you. Hope you continue to listen and spread the world of pMad. 

Be nice to yourselves you deserve it!!!