RGM Introducing: We Interview Jakarta band Redsix

What made you want to start a band?

Ever since highschool we were always in bands one way or another, and when the time came to start Redsix, we said yes, an answer we always seem to use when offered to do music projects. 

Introduce us all to the band members and your musical history. 

Redsix consists of Denny (vocals), Kevin (guitar), Wicak (guitar), Ipang (bass) and Rizma (Drums). Denny has been exposed to music ever since before he was born and were raised by parents who were both musicians. Kevin has a bachelor’s in music and has been in the industry since 2006. Wicak has played guitar since 2008 and has since found solid footing while playing and writing for Redsix. Both Ipang and Rizma have played professionally for over 10 years, whether it be in other bands or as session players.

What’s your favorite song right now from another band currently on your local circuit in Jakarta?

I can’t speak for the other guys but personally I’m repeating the hell out of “Alive” by a band called 510. We also had the opportunity to hang out with the vocalist for a day and he’s a super cool dude. I recommend everyone to stop by and check out the song. 

How did you hear about RGM in Jakarta?

We came across RGM while doing piles and piles of research about the music industry abroad on the internet. 

Do you sign up to any conspiracy theories?

Yes. Because when i was growing up Tom DeLonge told me aliens were real and I believed him. Also, it turned out he was right because they’re pretty much real now. 

What was the most fun you have had on stage?

I think for this one i can pretty much speak for everyone, and that has to be when we launched our single “Endeavor” a couple of singles ago, at Emonite by Crowdsurfers Indonesia, the venue was packed, the energy was up, and it never hurts to also scream emo songs from the 2000’s for some free therapy. 

What was the worst experience on stage?

So, for some reason we were billed to play after the big headlining band in the genre at the moment, and after they played, the crowd promptly left, and we played to an empty venue. So we just classify that gig as on-stage band practice. 

Tell us something about each member that you think people would be surpised about. 

Our bassist ipank in fact doesn’t use conditioner (see his beautiful hair for reference), Our drummer Rizma doesn’t eat fish, one of our guitarists Wicak actually is the most hyperactive except when it comes time to play onstage, Kevin is the youngest member of the band, and I (Denny) would greatly prefer singing from somewhere behind the drumset rather than up front were the frontman is supposed to be. 

Tell us a funny story from backstage. 

Well, it’s tough to single out one particular event but they all have something to do with having a little bit too much to drink and happens way more often than we want it to. 

If you had to describe your band to an alien how would you describe them?

Five humans make five noises sound like one hopefully radio friendly noise.

Which one of the band is the most unpredictable?

Sometimes I (Denny) defy all expectation and sing on key. A rare but charming event. 

Which one in the band is the biggest nightmare?

Drum gear is universally not user friendly, and all drummers already expect to most likely be the answer to this question. 

You have one phone call and you have been locked up for a crime you didn’t commit, which member would you call first?

Well, I don’t think any of the members would call each other because more likely than not they would be locked up as well, so probably the right move is to call somebody from the band’s management, because unlike us, they know what they’re doing. 

I hear you have a new single brewing, what can you tell us about it?

Our new single is now available on all your favourite streaming platforms, and a pretty cool music video is also available for all of you guys to check out on YouTube! The song is a culmination of three years of doing this whole band thing, and we tried to have the results of this analysis represented in the song. We think it’s a good look into how Redsix will look, sound, and operate from now on. 

Talk to me about the thought process of the single. 

The single is actually a heavily revised and recomposed version of a song we’ve had in inventory for quite a long time. There was a lot of thought that went into how the song would sound and feel, especially since it would be the song to represent how we would look and sound as a band moving forward. The genre, sound, look, and feel of the song was predetermined to reflect the product of years and years of experimenting to see what would work. 

What was the recording process like? 

In terms of the process of recording the songs it pretty much stayed the same, but this time since we were doing something a little different, we had to think outside of the usual box we think in, which was refreshing. 

What was the biggest learning curve in writing the single?

I think for us it’s a little bit backwards. Before the current single we kind of had no bounds when it came to experimentation, and one of the hardest things to learn was to try and keep that in check, and to write and record in a way that would sound best in a cohesive, predetermined concept. 

Would you change anything now that it’s finished?

I think that there’s always things musicians want to change about the song no matter what stage its at, but we’re pretty much happy with how it turned out. 

What are your plans for the year ahead? is there anything else you would like to share with the world?

Well, the only constant is going to be the fact that we will keep releasing singles and writing music and playing shows, how we go about doing that is something also unbeknownst to us. But if people take the time to follow us and check us out, we guarantee that you are in for an interesting time. 

interesting information thing:

There is quite a lot riding on this song, because it’s Redsix’s chance at a mini rebranding, to clarify the sound and feel of Redsix going forward. We also had the funnest time filming in Yogyakarta, Indonesia and working with the people there.