Hiya Lorcan, thanks for joining us in the virtual RGM lounge today, grab a brew and take a seat.

Thanks for having me.

What made you decide that music is a thing for you?

I think because I started playing music as a kid resulted in music being a part of me growing up. I think once I started seeing people’s reactions when I performed, How it made me feel, made me feel like music was for me. I don’t think I could live without it.

Introduce us to you all and your musical history.

I come from a small village in Co. Offaly, Ireland. I grew up on a farm and always loved music. I got my first guitar when I was just seven years old and I played my first ever gig at age 12. I have been playing ever since and this year I have started writing and recording my original music.

What was life like for you before music?

I don’t think I ever had music not be a part of my life. I suppose it’s more intense now and there’s a busy schedule involved. So life before music now was a bit easier going. I had more free time but I love what I’m doing now and I wouldn’t change it.

What was the first song you heard that steered you into a music path?

The first song that had me hooked, believe it or not, was rockin ‘all over the world by Status Quo. Once I had figured out how to play, I couldn’t leave the guitar down so that was definitely the start of it and I still play that song live today.

Where do you feel you currently sit within the music industry?

I believe I am currently at the entry level to the music industry. Although I have been playing all my life I am only this year starting to write, Record and even have a social media presence which these days seems to be as much a part of being an artist as the music itself.

What’s the biggest thing you have learned from someone else in the industry?

The biggest thing I have learned is to trust my gut and not to be afraid to express myself. I do believe following my gut and writing from my heart is what makes me unique as an artist. 

Tell us Two truths and a lie about you.

This is a great question. Here it goes, I played the drums in a band for some time. 

I performed at a festival when I was fourteen years old. I always wanted to learn to play the accordion. I’d be interested in which one people think is a lie.

If you could wish for one thing to aid your career what would it be?

To be better with social media or in an ideal world to have somebody else do it for me. New artists and new music won’t get anywhere now without it, which I find a bit sad that you can’t just be a musician. It takes a lot of effort and a lot of thought to be constantly posting on numerous platforms. 

Do you ever worry about people taking things the wrong way or cancel culture? 


To be honest I don’t worry about it. I know that it’s impossible to keep everybody happy. I don’t write controversial or offensive lyrics but I know everyone interprets lyrics differently. Music is for everyone but I’ve never worried about people taking things the wrong way.  

Do you subscribe to any conspiracy theories? If not, why not?

I generally don’t subscribe to any conspiracy theories. I believe everything has a simple explanation at the back of it all. Although I do believe certain scheming and cover ups do happen. But as far as most conspiracy theories go I don’t buy into them.

What was the worst experience on stage?

One night on stage … I was very tired, I have to add! The gig was going great. I was in the last half hour and mid song I went blank. I forgot the lyrics and chords to the song I was playing. I mean completely blank for some reason. After a moment I changed the key and continued with a different song. Very embarrassing!

Tell us something about you that you think people would be surprised about.

People might be surprised to hear that I was not always singing lead vocals. In my earlier years of playing live I played the Drums, Cajon and Mouth Organ. It’s only in the past few years I’ve been singing lead vocals.

What are the next steps you plan to take as a band to reach the next level?

My plan is to keep writing and recording new music. I will also continue to play live every weekend hoping to upgrade to some bigger venues. I hope people will relate with my music and follow me to hear more in the future. 

What are your thoughts on Elon Musk’s contribution to the world?

I think that a lot of Elon Musk’s ventures have questionable morals. I do admire some of the technology being invented within his ventures and it absolutely does benefit the world today. However there are alot of serious environmental consequences to most of these projects.

I hear you have new music, what can you tell us about it?

So I have recently started writing music and I love it! I have written a number of songs which I am now in the studio with and I find it very exciting to see my own work come to life. I am super excited for everyone to hear them later this year. I will be posting regular updates and some previews on my social media.

What was the recording process like? and what was it like covering some of the biggest country artists in the world? Any pressure?

The recording process was great. Being live it’s just playing the songs through with the band which I find very comfortable. The band musicians are outstanding which makes it a very easy process. Absolutely there’s a lot of pressure covering some of my favourite artists but at the same time it’s exciting to be doing it too! 

What was the biggest learning curve in covering the cover tunes on this country ep?

I think the biggest learning curve for me is portraying emotion through my vocal delivery in songs. I obviously practised these songs a lot before we recorded them and I wanted my emotion to be felt in my vocals , I think I’ve achieved that!

Would you change anything now it’s finished?

I’m quite the perfectionist when it comes to myself. So I probably will never be completely happy with my vocals. They would probably be the only thing I would change but these changes are minor and I think if it’s too perfect there’s no live feel to it and that’s important on this ep.

Is there anything else you would like to share with the world?

I would like the world to know that I hope my music brings joy to people’s lives and when my original music is released later this year, I hope people can identify and relate with the music and lyrics. I intend to continue to write and release music for as long as I can.