Hi Podge, Introduce us to you all and your musical history.

Well I’ve been making music for about 8 years now. I released a few singles at 19 and since then have made 2 full length albums, several EPs and 2 live albums all while wearing comfy socks. I’ve gotten the chance to tour and open for some of my idols, Charlie Parr, The Brother Brothers, Rachael Sage to name a few. I’ve been very lucky to get to play shows all over the world, and I’m only getting started.

Where do you feel you currently sit within the music industry?

In that sweet spot of getting to perform, make albums, and have actual fans, but still have time to watch wrestling on a Wednesday night.

If you could wish for one thing to aid your career what would it be?

A lighter guitar case.

Whats your thoughts on Elon Musk’s contribution to the world? 

Everything I could say has already been said by Jack White. 

Your new song, ‘Down’, seems to have branched off from the styles you’ve released before. What inspired this change? And what else can you tell us about the song?

I gave myself very regimented rules for the first two albums, recording style and instrumentation wise. The main rule was no electric guitar. I wanted to see if an album could still have a drive without an electric guitar, and I was so happy with what I created. So for this new record, having electric guitars back and knowing what I know now, it made the recording process so fun. I looked to artists like Tom Waits and The Avett Brothers, artists who you would typically classify in the folkier genres, but when they would add electric guitar, you would notice it sounding unique to them.

Lyrically it’s a song about all those factors in your life pushing you down. Your job, other people, yourself, anything telling you that you’re not good enough. And it’s about screaming back at those comments, as defiantly as possible. It’s supposed to be wild. It’s supposed to be fun. 

You’ve just finished a solo tour of the UK, how did you find performing for international audiences? 

I loved the English audiences. It was so amazing. I’m always so worried that my humour won’t translate to new audiences, it barely translates to me sometimes. But the crowds were so attentive, listening, laughing, just incredible. Already planning a return later this year.

Where else can we expect to see the ‘Sad But Tourable’ show travel to? 

Back to the UK for sure, some summer shows in Ireland, Germany, and maybe further afield from there…. hint…. hint.

Are there any dream venues you want to play? 

There are too many to count. Seriously, I have a spreadsheet. I played one of those dream venues just last week, at the Green Note. I’m gonna go big here and say Red Rocks Amphitheatre is number 1 through.

What are you listening to at the moment? 

Ratboys, Mike Viola, Fiona Apple, the new Vampire Weekend singles, MJ Lenderman, Colin Hay, Dave Matthews Band, Ezra Furman and Swamp Dogg. I’ve been on lots of trains and planes this week.

Any niche interests, besides music? 

Ice Baths, Gamecube Games, Crocs and Vincent Van Gogh. No further comment.

Best moment of 2024 so far (music or non-music)

The coffee I had after the Green Note show at 2am in the hotel.