Hiya folks, thanks for joining us in the virtual RGM lounge today, grab a brew and take a seat.

What made you decide that music is a thing for you?

Andy: I’ve been singing since I can remember, then after seeing my first live gig I absolutely fell in love with the idea of being on stage and hearing a crowd sing the lyrics you wrote, right back at you.

John: After seeing countless live bands with my dad when I was only little, sat on his shoulders and looking up at people on stage who truly seemed to love what they were doing.

Introduce us to all to the members and your musical history.

Andy:  I’m Andy, the lead singer and rhythm guitarist for the band, but I was also a drummer in my previous band. My parents were mainly into your ‘Top of the pops’ sort of music, being brought up on The Beetles, The Bee Gees, Abba etc. it wasn’t until the late nineties, early 2000’s that my brother got me into bands like Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, Korn, Disturbed, Marylin Manson & Good Charlotte.

John: John Wheeler, Bassist. My parents were so VERY different in their musical tastes. On one side I was brought up listening to old school punk and hard-core music by my dad, including the likes of Dead Kennedys, Sex Pistols, The Damned, Crass, The Exploited etc, etc and then on the other hand, my mum had me listening to the likes of Wet Wet Wet, Boyzone, Westlife and Take That. Rather weird, opposite sort of musical history.

Name me your 3 favourite Albums.

Andy:  That’s a hard one… these three I could listen to over and over again:

To Better Days – Rain City Drive (Formally Slaves.)

What Separates Me From You – A Day to Remember.

Born & Raised – John Mayer.


Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables – Dead Kennedys. 

Grey Britain – Gallows. 

Within a Mile of Home – Flogging Molly.

What was the first song you heard that steered you into a music path?

Andy: Many bands over the years have given me influence to want to be a musician so it’s tough to choose, but the first song I remember attempting to sing and drum on was ‘Into Oblivion’ by Funeral for A Friend.

John: Holiday in Cambodia – Dead Kennedys

The music industry is the hardest industry in the world to progress in, how do you feel you are doing?

Andy: I don’t think the ultimate plan is to ever really “progress” but we do want to write and perform music that we and people love to just jump around and sing along to, if an option was to ever arise, I don’t think you’ll see any of us complaining, but sure for the time being we are slowly seeing more show in front of more fans and loads more people are relating to the music we’re releasing, which is why we can’t wait for everyone to hear this EP.

I’m seeing a lot of debate about women not feeling safe at music gigs, any thoughts on what we need to do to help?

Andy: I think openly outing it on stage like both Frank Turner and Frank Carter have been doing, they’re now encouraging women only crowd surfing to try and make it a safe space for everyone, the more we talk about it, the more comfortable they feel to tell someone, and hopefully stop the harassment all together. 

As you develop as an artist, in what ways do you get new ears on your music?

Andy: I think showing your close friends and family what you’re writing, get them involved almost, see what they like and what things they don’t particularly like, it’s all constructive criticism. You have to think, the majority of people who come to your shows or listen to your music, just enjoy good music, they’re the ears you need to please. Also widen your horizon on what genre or bands you would normally listen to, it might give you a little insight on other ways to perform or write than you’re normally used to.

Tell us Two truths and a lie about you.


I am a 2nd Dan Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do

I was a Lifeguard for 10 years.

I am fluent in Japanese. 

What’s your thought on Spotify’s monopoly on the music industry?

Andy: I’m a little in the middle on this one, it’s amazing that we get to share our music so easily now to the world, but on the other hand, it’s a lot harder to make a living out of it or be seen easily, since EVERYONE can basically do it now. – Andy

Do you sign up for any conspiracy theories?

John: There are certainly a few out there that I will read into and then there are some which I won’t entertain, even for a second. To me, if it sounds plausible, parts add up and seems interestingly correct, then it may be worth a read… if it sounds and seems ridiculous in any which way you look at it, then no, can’t get behind that one unfortunately.

Did you buy anything you don’t need during the pandemic?

John: Nearly over a £1000 worth of Nike and Jordan Trainers

What was the worst experience on stage?

Andy: In August 2021, we played an amazing hometown show at The Facebar, and within about 6 hours of coming off stage I ended up in hospital for a week due to having a brain haemorrhage, not sure I could experience anything worse than that!

John: When I was a lot younger, we played a show in mine and Andy’s old band Rise Above, where halfway through the set, my bass just completely died. No signal, no sound, nothing! Checked the amp and everything was fine. Sound tech hadn’t done anything on their end either. But because I was young, naïve, and literally had no clue what I was doing, I’d let the battery in my bass, which powers the preamp, just completely die. So there I was, looking like a right idiot on stage, faffing about trying to find a new 9v battery to get back to it!

Andy: …However, He did then decide during the breakdown to just chuck his bass down, jump into the crowd and start a little mosh pit to make up for it!!

What makes you stand out as a band?

Andy: I don’t feel like you can 100% compare us musically to another band out there, I wouldn’t say we’re unique as such, just a little bit of everything wrapped in one which makes us of an interest to a lot of different type of fan base, we’ve had small comparison dependent on the songs, but we don’t mind that almost shows our influences shine through, but not enough o define us.

I hear you have new music, talk me through the thought process of the new tunes.

Andy: This EP has been in the works since probably about 2018/19, due to members leaving, covid and my little brain pop, it has just been pushed back so many times, lucky we were able to release 3 of the tracks as singles and even get a music video out as well. This EP is an emotional ride of anger, pain, numbness, struggles of loneliness, and fighting with your own demons and feelings along the way. Hopefully, these songs will make people realise they’re not the only ones, and sing the lyrics to release the burden they might feel, like I did, writing these songs. Tis a journey for us all.

What was the recording process like?

Andy: The first session was a simple one, our friend Simon Jackman recorded our first 2 singles in 2 days before Covid, so we were lucky we had music to release during that quiet period. Our third single Alone was a little different as our Drummer took leave for a while, so I had to not only record Vocals and Rhythm guitar, but drums as well…. Which may I remind you I hadn’t officially played drums since I was in my teens… was a very fun experience non the less. – Andy

The EP was an exciting period where we had our new guitarist Tim, so there was a bit more playfulness in the studio when it came to certain sounds and tones on guitar which we had never really delved into too much. Already looking forward to writing and recording the next EP to see where it will lead us.

Would you change anything now it’s finished?

Andy: Only thing I wish is that we just saved up and recorded them all together, however, you wouldn’t see the learning curve and progression throughout the EP, and it gave a chance for all of us to grow and become better musicians and also understand a little more of what we where actually doing in a studio!

Is there anything else you would like to share with the world?

Andy: This EP will be not only released on all Streaming platforms, but we will also be selling physical CDs and T-shirts with the EP artwork on, grab any of these at our gigs if you follow us on social media you can find out when they are! Thank you and your team for helping us promote this EP and thanks for everyone who has supported us along the way! Love love love.