RGM head down to chat with ‘Sterling Press’ before their support gig with US band ‘Laundry Day’  at Manchesters Night and Day Cafe.

 Interview and write up for Sterling Press: 

Firstly, we catch up with Liverpool based band Sterling Press. Comprised of Marlon Reynier (Bass, Vocals), Ed Higgins (Guitar, Vocals), Greg Smith (Guitar, Keys) & Lucien Ismael (Drums), have spent the last 18 months honing their indie rock sound with a britpop twang. 

The band are very excited to be back in Manchester after the 6 month break, “we love it here, great culture, the people go mad for a bit of indie music. Great to be back and getting to play with Laundry Day tonight, we love them”.

So, can we expect to see you in Manchester again soon?

“Yes, October we got a big support gig we’re announcing soon, got a couple of other things in the works” before frontman Marlon adds “I’ve just made a list of 25 gigs we want to support in Manchester”.

You’ve had a busy couple of weeks, with plenty more to come. How’s that been for you? 

“It’s been a busy month! It’s been like a mini tour I guess. It’s great to get out there again with the new tunes, the new set, all from our upcoming release. ”  The band seem visibly excited by what’s been and what’s to come, adding “We’re hoping to get down to the studio again next month, we’ve also got a tune that’s about to come out, it’s unreleased, cause it’s about to come out” .

After this run of shows, what have you got in store?

“As we mentioned, we’re hoping to go down to the studio and finish a body of work, our first body of work! We’re working with a brilliant producer, Jolyon Thomas, at Big Jelly Studio in Ramsgate, which is really exciting. Loads of people have been there, Slowthai, Jake Bugg, it’s mad.”

And when can we expect to hear this new music?

“Next Month! We’ve got a new tune next month, and we’re also gonna be playing a release show for it, so that’s gonna be great, keep an eye out for that soon! The rest of the project is gonna come out over the summer, feelgood hits of the summer!” This is a welcome surprise, as the band haven’t released anything since October 2021’s fan favourite, ‘Plastic Bag’. The boys add “You’ll be able to hear some of the new stuff tonight, the new single too is in the set!”. 

And finally, what can we expect from the new music?

“This is our most honest release yet, it’s more vulnerable” – At this point Greg ‘unintentionally’ sprays his water bottle across the room, causing a brief intermission and great amusement to the rest of the band. 

Lucien adds “It’s really good”, before Ed concludes with “It’s a lot more open, direct and punchy, it’s genre bending and that’s a place we’re really excited to be in”

Gig Review:

Sterling Press opened tonight with their debut single, ‘Very Fun Times’, an upbeat feelgood indie tune with some strong Britpop influence that really gets the crowd warmed up. Within seconds the room went from sparsely distributed around the edges to condensed in the middle right in front of the band – always a good sign. Next up is their second single, Ska tinged groove ‘Lots of Noise’, which keeps the good vibes going as the crowd continues to grow. 

Next we enter a sequence of new songs; these periods always seem to define how good a band is. If you can get not only fans of your band, but another band as well, excited by new songs, then you can be pretty pleased with yourselves – Sterling Press definitely succeeded. ‘Las Vegas’ comes first, a punchy, sample heavy anthem for everyone wondering ‘what the hell should I do?’. That’s followed by their next single ‘What Would You Do?’, which lives up to the 7 month wait for new music. It already feels like an indie anthem, with a wide range of influences culminating in something that feels very much like the band’s most complete song to date. 

Two more new tracks follow, ‘Fractured’, which sees frontman Marlon Reynier swap his bass guitar for a sample pad and a freedom to venture into the crowd, and ‘Flowers’, a heavier tune with a bold vocal message.

By the time the band head into their last two songs, the room is filling up and everyone in the crowd is loving what they’ve heard so far. Clearly a band that embraces their place on stage, you really get the feeling this is where they belong, and they cement that with the performance of ‘Daisy’ and fan favourite ‘Plastic Bag’, their anthemic third single. What better way to warm an audience up than ending on powerhouse choruses, driving guitars and relentless energy at every juncture. 

Definitely ones to watch this year, Sterling Press delivered a cracking opening set, paving the way for the brilliant Laundry Day.

Travelling across the pond from the bright lights of New York, genre bending boy band ‘Laundry Day’ take the stage at the iconic ‘Night and Day Café’ for the second show in their UK & Ireland Tour. 

The unconventional group of musicians are made up of five members, who met in their first year of high school—Sawyer Nunes (vocals), Etai Abramovich (drums), Jude Ciulla (vocals), Henry Weingartner (guitar) and Henry Pearl (bass). 

Having, it is clear to see what the hype is really all about as the group finally hit the stage. 

With an abundance of energy, dressed in oversized jeans and an array of vintage t-shirts, the band open their set with crowd pleaser ‘Little Bird’, taken from their new album. Laundry Day continue to bring their Gen Z sound to the fans of Manchester with two more tracks off the album, before throwing it back to 2019 with ‘Red Roses’. The band, who’ve previously toured with The 1975 and Clairo, have spent years honing their prominent alternative ‘be yourself’ sound, which draws influences both from other DIY artists and also from artists like BROCKHAMPTON, who’s own Romil Hemnani was enlisted by the band to work on some of their tracks.

The audience, although intimate, begins to grow even more excitable as the band move further into the songs from their set. Sugary vocals and soulful baselines give a colourful performance as the show continues into the opening track of the new album, ‘Did You Sleep Last Night?’, where the crowd become visibly more animated. It’s clear everyone is feeling properly acquainted with the band by now and they’re ready to throw themselves into the rest of the set. 

We’re treated to a fantastic new song, ‘Bye Butterfly’, before they head into what is clearly a crowd favourite tonight, ‘Harvard’. With this, it’s clear the crowd are definitely enjoying their evenings, with dancing in all areas of the room, including on a few of the benches at the side of the room…

The official set finishes with the title track from their recent album, ‘We Switched Bodies’, but after a slightly shambolic, yet clearly enthusiastic call for an encore is made, the band return for two of their biggest song, my personal favourite ‘BULLDOG’ and their officially biggest song ‘FRIENDS’ – the perfect end to evening full of energetic performances, constant dancing and fantastic tunes!

It also seems fans travelled from all over, as two girls (stood front row) from Germany boasted of travelling for the show – giving the band the sweetest of care packages with sweets from their hometown, exhibiting once again how powerful the band are to the teens of this generation. 

Set List:  

Little Bird 

Worry Bout Yourself

Connect 5

Red Roses 


Evening News 

Did You Sleep Last Night?

Bye Butterfly  (New)




We Switched Bodies