Springfield – There Must Be Something More

Springfield are a five piece alternative rock band hailing from the rainy Lake District, Cumbria. Musically Inspired by artists such as Tame Impala, New Order and Bloc Party, Springfield blend melodic guitar/synth melodies and catchy hooks with direct aggressive drum beats.

‘There Must Be Something More’ is a road-trip ready indie cut, backed by punchy drums and stellar guitar performances throughout the track is optimistic and joyous and one to play as the weather begins to heat up.

The gem of this track is the anthemic chorus which is powerful and is a must-have with a track like to this and adds a thrilling dynamic and brings brilliant colour to the release. Following support from BBC Introducing and Liverpool FC, Springfield are a band to keep an eye on.

Saints Among Us – Run

Saints Among Us’ latest single Run is a spacey pop-rock track which throws you right in the deep end with heavy riffs and drums reminisant of bands such as Bring Me The Horizon. The verse is pad driven and adds great dynamics to the track, contrasting the heavy chorus well and resulting in a very exciting structure which concludes with an electrifying climax.

The creativity of Saints Among Us is something to behold as they blend head-bang inducing riffs with dubstep artist Nero style vocals and verse instrumentation – a pit ready banger.

The Rosadocs – Where You’re Supposed to Be

The Rosadocs are a four piece alt rock/indie band rising up through the upcoming UK indie music scene. Located in Sheffield, the band have sold out venues up and down the country. This latest offering is sublime, a slow burner which never gets stale and has a huge finish which highlights the bands tremendous songwriting.

The band lay a brilliant backbone to the cut, however the vocal performance is the star of the show here and is something to behold. At the beginning the it is intimate and full of character with a slight grunge and in the later stages at full reach the performance is anthemic and remains with great control and power – a simply top drawer release from The Rosadocs.

Matilda Shakes – Up All Night

Sheffield based indie-rockers Matilda Shakes present their latest single ‘Up All Night’ at track which draws influences from the likes of Kasabian and The Amazons and a release which is a great introduction to the bands sound.

The tracks is based around a heavy bass and guitar pattern which the vocal follows and gives the track a charging power and is reminisant of tracks such as ‘Club Foot’ by Kasabian. The main thing which holds this track back is the mix, which whilst bass heavy loses much of the power as other elements are less clear. That being said, overall, a quality release and a band with huge potential.

Mimosa – So Pretty (Out 30/03)

Mimosa are a 5 piece alternative indie band based in Chesterfield, present their latest single ‘So Pretty’ and are a band which takes influence from bands such Arctic Monkeys, Oasis and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

Mimosa blend their influences well and create a sound which whilst at times a little derivative and obvious at others shows real creativity in creating their own distinct sound. For a band in their infancy with only three prior singles, the band are exciting and their musicianship is on clear display here.