FOXGLOVE – Lights Off

For enjoyers of dreamy indie rock and shoegaze new celestial single “Lights Off” from Manchester indie band FOXGLOVE is one to add to your list of tracks to check out.

As ethereal waves of guitar cascade over echoing vocals “Lights Off” creates a heavenly dream pop instrumental that sends the listener into a state of pure bliss. Using punchy drums to add an energetic touch to the enthralling chorus, I can only imagine the exhilarating atmosphere of seeing this track played live in the future.

Craig Lee and the Humblebees – He Can’t Help Looking at the Time

Looking for a track that adds a humorous twist to the dullness of working in a going-nowhere job with an uplifting acoustic instrumental to accompany it?

Manchester rock band Craig Lee and the Humblebees new track “He Can’t Help Looking at the Time” has got you covered. With cheerful guitar passages combined with its blunt and witty lyricism about feeling bored and distracted whilst working for a living, this song is playful and optimistic putting a much needed positive and comic spin on a relatable topic.

Paul Askew – Doing The Best I Can

New track “Doing The Best I Can” from Liverpool solo artist Paul Askew is a timeless indie rock ballad that stays engaging throughout by subtle but affective changes in its instrumental.

With soulful lyrics and vocal delivery and the combination of steady drums, light piano chords and both acoustic and electric guitar this track has a calming pace yet feels filled to the brim with layers of instrumentation.

Reminiscent of old indie rock such as Oasis “Doing The Best I Can” takes the listener back in time with a heartfelt touch.

Marseille – Forget It All

With an instantly laid –back vibe conveyed by beautifully melodic acoustic guitar passages and a slow, winding pace “Forget It All” tells the tale of having to say goodbye to a person who refuses to change their ways.

Seeing things through an optimistic angle and promoting acceptance the track provides a comforting feeling in both its lyrical and musical content.

With a touch of 60s indie pop influence adding a playful and light sound, “Forget It All” is a refreshing single with an old soul.

Primes – Talk Too Much

Delightfully energetic and upbeat, new track “Talk Too Much” from Glasgow alternative rock band Primes perfectly showcases their ability to write catchy and fun indie rock tunes.

With impassioned guitar and vocals emphasised by rumbling and bold drum beats “Talk Too Much” creates an overwhelming sound that reflects the crumbling relationship and chaotic atmosphere that its lyrics speak of.

With clean and strong production there is an element of professionalism from this band whilst still very much sounding fresh and new that is charming to hear.

Opal Skies – Take My Hand

Combining an array of genre influences and sound to create a futuristic track inspired lyrically by the dystopian reality of climate change new single from Opal Skies is innovative and intoxicating.

With an immediate feeling of tension coming from the broken down song structure and eerie vocals, Opal Skies demonstrate a keen ability to truly create and reflect an emotion and story through creative instrumentation.

The punk rock influence in “Take My Hand” really stands out but with a thoroughly modern and unique twist, Opal Skies prove their one to watch out for.