The Vandalis – Hold On

The Vandalis, known as the rule-breaker of music genres, surprise us once again with their newest single ‚Hold On‘ featuring vocals from artist Katarungu perfectly blending with their own reflecting a coming together of cultures and music genres. This reggae track will bless your ears through layered vocal textures and beautiful harmonies.

The Vandalis effortlessly build upon a repetitive chord structure, characteristic to the reggae sound, as they blend rich sounds of guitar, drumming and keys as well as a strong bass line setting a consistent yet relaxing tone all along.

The beauty of this track also lays in the powerful lyricism which dives deep into politics and history, yet always sang with a soft and relaxed tone of voice for people to enjoy and dance to.

50 Year Storm – Grace

50 Year Storm is a 3-piece band based in Cornwall, who have recently released their new single ‘Grace’. This track perfectly embodies their brand image as they describe their genre to be alternative rock; however sick of sticking to the standards of rock, they have decided to create their own feel which is reflected in their newest sound.

Alternating with high and low vocals throughout the track, the vocals take the lead in terms of setting the tone and storytelling.

The memorable guitar and drum rhythmic are very catchy for any type of listener and will energize you at any point of the day or night. This track is also paired with a must-see music video incorporating incredible visions and special effects.

Manuela Tome – ENIGMA

Up and rising singer/songwriter Manuela will be releasing her newest single ENIGMA shortly, diving deep into the likes of R&B and Soul. Similar to the artist Mahalia, Manuela touches our heart with her lyrics, following an in-depth story line shaped through a variation of vocal rhythmic ranging from slow and sexy to rapping depending on the mood she wants to convey.

The track experiences a break-through towards the end characterized by mesmerizing echoes and harmonies allowing us listeners to reflect on the lyrics and enjoy the vibe created by the artist.

Vaquelin – Voice Cracks and Blackjacks

This 4-piece rock band originally from York, recently release their single ‘Voice Cracks & Black Jacks’ paired with a must-see music video showcasing the band as well as a few close ups of the main singer who definitely looks like the next Enrique Iglesias.

The lyrics are very poetic yet very cryptic throughout the song, which is a powerful attribute, as it allows listeners to relate to the words on a personal level by making up their own meaning. The chosen lyricism is very honest and personal, as the singer alludes to his own demons and mentions how he uses music as a coping mechanism.

The chorus is very catchy and picks up the pace of the track. Combined with the singers’ natural raspy voice and consistent instrumental cadence, this track ends on a powerful note as it gives into an angsty, complex guitar riff followed by a drum solo for the cherry on top.

Slo Cheetah – Undertone

3 man band Slo Cheetah are about to release their debut song ‚Undertone‘, which embodies everything you’ve heard before, yet experimenting with unique sounds reflecting a new era of alternative rock. This track flawlessly explores a plethora of moods although following an anarchic movement as their lyricism expresses generational discontent.

The vocals intertwine seamlessly with the instrumentals throughout, debuting with a slightly distorted sound, keeping you on your toes and close to the dance-floor at all times.

Characterized by relatively short verses and a dreamy chorus, the listener plunges into a deep trance which makes this track so special as it allows us to grasp the meaning of the song without having to pay close attention to the lyrics, since the backing track communicates the look and feel to us through its colorful melodies and story-telling rhythmic.