Alexander Mountain – Without

New single “Without” from East Sussex solo artist Alexander perfectly both lyrically and melodically encapsulates the light at the end of a dark tunnel that is a restrictive and abusive relationship.

Beginning on a more sombre and simplistic note with heartfelt vocals and delicate guitar chords “Without” reflects on the feelings of loss and emptiness that come with leaving any relationship behind at the start before blossoming into more upbeat instrumentals and focus on the positivity of saying goodbye to something that is holding you back. Lyrically continuously using the metaphor of flowers and other plants to describe both the experience of growth that comes from change and how a toxic person – “the weed”- can easily spread into someone’s life this track is conceptually clear and thoughtful.

With Alexander’s beautiful, light vocals combined with a pacing drum beat and bright acoustic melodies this track has an undeniable feeling of freshness and innocence to it which matches its message of starting over and optimism after change. Providing a hopeful promise of new beginnings “Without” touches the heart whilst maintaining a joyful spark.

The Assist – Television Kid

With an infectious comedic tone, The Assist’s latest single “Television Kid” brings to life its mischievous and roguish character of choice with lively instrumentals and brilliant, witty narration.

Immediately confident and bold, much like the character-type of the fictional yet familiar person who’s story the track narrates, “Television Kid” begins with explosive electric guitars and booming, enthusiastic vocals. Telling the tale of a socialite, charming yet devious person who most will have run into at some stage in their lives with chuckle-some and clever lyricism this track has bags of energy as well as demonstrating The Assist’s impressive ability to bring to life a person and story through music.

With some great, choppy guitar work and catchy hooks there isn’t a dull moment in this track and it manages to pack in plenty of spirit for its relatively short 2-minute run time.

Hitting perfectly on that anthemic indie-rock sound that you can easily envision being played on stage the vigour and vitality of this song is contagious and tells its story brilliantly. If you have a taste for eruptive indie rock or scintillatingly witty lyricism this is right up your street.

Ike Rhein ft. Luh Kel – Messed It Up

Melancholic yet hopeful, new track from Florida based artist Ike Rhein and platinum recording artist Luh Kel is a graceful and flowing take on the end of a relationship and the lessons that come with it.
With heartfelt vocals and emotionally hard-hitting lyrics despite its dark topic this track flows elegantly and smoothly through its painful topic choice with skilled production and cohesive melodies.

With layers of vocals and exquisite, soft piano notes this track has a fragile quality to it to accompany its openness and vulnerability which it doesn’t hold back on. Mature and reflective, lyrically this song looks back on a failed relationship and finds valuable lessons in the hurt of it ending. Both Ike Rhein and Luh Kel’s vocals and musical style combine effortlessly and complement each other perfectly.

For anyone who’s a fan of lo-fi hip-hop beats and melancholic pop music this song is a beautifully structured piece that delves into the mixed feelings and complicated emotions that come with heartbreak.

College Elite – Next Semester

Latest single from lo-fi alternative rock artist College Elite sees Joshua William returning with his stripped back, raw sound style and perfectly encapsulating teenage angst and life in college.

With elements of grunge and indie surf rock combined to create a sound that’s both chill and edgy College Elite portrays the ups and downs of life as a young adult excellently with a stripped back, DIY recording style that feels authentic and innocent.

Catchy and with a driving drum beat, there’s an exhilarating quality to this track as it rushes through stories from the school year with humorous lyrics that reflect the needless stressing over relationship problems and bad photos.

Relatable and refreshing, anyone who’s fans of the grunge or bedroom indie genre should check out “Next Semester” which finds a sublime blend between the two.

Atomic Baby – Strapped For Cash (Out 25th Feb 22)

Glitchy and surreal, Atomic Baby’s new track is an experimental fusion of electronic sounds that portrays the hazy feeling of losing your head in a club setting.

With a dark dance beat accompanied by indistinguishable, blurry and echoing vocals there’s an element of both fun and almost eerie confusion to the new track from Wakefield based artist Atomic Baby.

With the merging of different words and sounds in a chaotic manner reflecting the unpredictable nature of the nightclub setting and losing full awareness of what’s happening around you in that moment, “Strapped For Cash” will provoke a familiar feeling in most young people.

If you’re into experimental electronic music or just looking to hear something that’s very alternative sounding, this track is definitely not one to miss and brings a unique sound to the table.