Kicking Lilies – I See Red (Out 22/10)

‘I See Red’ is the hard-hitting new single to come from Sunderland rockers Kicking Lilies. With raw vocals, slick production, and intricate guitars leading to a huge distorted chorus full of licks, ‘I See Red’ is an impressive classic rock track. The influence of Dave Grohl is evident here, with the chorus line leaving plenty of space for guitar licks and riffs, and the breakdown descending into an almighty climax, before restarting the song with a new energetic chapter. Kicking Lilies have delivered all you could ask of a big rock track, and have captured the essence of growing rage in their new single ‘I See Red’.

Tom Leader – Uncomfortably Happy

Birmingham songwriter Tom Leader has released his uplifting Indie pop album ‘Uncomfortably Happy’. Bringing to mind the sounds of Jacob Collier, Tom Misch, and Rex Orange County, Tom presents his lyrically-driven album which opens with sunshine-happy ‘Grey’. The album’s closer ‘Your Home’ is a standout track, opening up with intricate guitar runs giving the song a frenzied energy that underpins the important lyrical content. Leaning more to the Pop side of Indie,’ Uncomfortably Happy’ is somewhat of the perfect acoustic pop album, perfectly marrying interesting musical lines, with melodic chorus’ and thought-provoking lyrics.

Glass Sands – ‘Better Than Life’

‘Better Than Life’ is the title single from Alternative Rock artist Glass Sands. The London-based artist is a one person rock project that produces a pretty impressive sound for just one person. The new track ‘Better Than Life’ is a bit of a slow start, capturing the indie essence with a quick sniff and clear of the throat before we get to the start of the track. Glass Sands settles into the vocal performance by the first chorus, which is a subdued section to start with. The build-up of this song is a testament to the songwriting skills of Glass Sands, as he manages the journey and the storyline of the song.

EL REY – Sunshine Honey Blow

Irish Alternative Indie artist EL REY has released his electrifying new single ‘Sunshine Honey Blow’. This single has a tantalizing energy, brought out by the overdriven guitars and vocals. ‘Sunshine Honey Blow’ doesn’t leave space to catch your breath, keeping the energy 100% throughout, all building up to a skillful guitar solo. With vocals and lyrics that Alex Turner would be proud of, ‘Sunshine Honey Blow’ has a touch of the Supersonic Oasis sound, with the Manchester Indie influence coming in strong. All in all, ‘Sunshine Honey Blow’ is a strong debut release for EL REY who said he is” finally getting the show on the road.”

Danilo – ‘Whine Up Ya Waist’ ft. Frank Miharbi 🇺🇸

New Yorker Danilo releases joyful ‘Whine Up Ya Waist’ which has us missing the summer already. Encompassing the good vibes of spending all night dancing with the new love of your life, ‘Whine Up Ya Waist’ is fun and playful, an all-round good feeling tune. Featuring guest vocals from Frank Miharbi, these two Afrobeats artists capture the essence of their song in their music video which was released earlier this year. With a simple beat that makes you want to dance, ‘Whine Up Ya Waist’ has catchy melodies and chorus lyrics that bring out a fun and light-hearted sensuality.