Mutant Thoughts – Summer Storm (The Whimsical Machine)

Bristolian band Mutant Thoughts unveil their brand new single ‘Summer Storm (The Whimsical Machine)’. The band describe their sound as psychedelic-math-pop which is an instantly accurate description. Complex textures and timings underpin the more indie-pop vocals. From a timing perspective, this track is a drummer’s delight, rich with intricate timings. The band say that this track is about the elation brought about by changing from the oppressively rigid structures in life and the dreamy vocal tones and pulsating guitars certainly carry this message. The breakdown drops us into a new realm within this whimsical machine. The shining light of this section is the rhythmical melodic guitar that erupts into euphoric vocals when we join back to the chorus. Mutant Thoughts defy all expectations in this alternative pop song that sounds like it is full of joy and growth.

Jonny Brown Ltd – Locomotion

Dousing you in chilled lo-fi guitars, ‘Locomotion’ is the laid back new single from Jonny Brown Ltd. Formerly known as Jonny Brown, he is also known for his releases with Twisted Wheel. There is a soothing element to this single, brought about from the constant driving rhythm from the looped percussion, and the reverb drenched guitars. The vocals are given plenty of space to shine in this track which allows us to fully appreciate the interesting lyricism showcased. ‘Locomotion’ feels like the perfect name for this track, with the instrumentation sounding like outside scenes whizzing by through train windows. Johnny Brown Ltd is branching out from his previous sound and taking strides both sonically and aesthetically.

Myriad – Do You Know Where She Goes

Southampton Indie Rockers Myriad are back with shiny new single ‘Do You Know Where She Goes’. The opening vocals fizz with energy which erupts into a jumpy chorus, complete with staccato backing vocals, guitar stabs and rhythmic drums. This single oozes with radio appeal with it’s glossy production and comfortingly familiar sound. Myriad fit comfortably with their Indie Rock peers, but when that electric guitar solo comes bursting through the gate we are treated to the more rock than indie side of the band. The lyrics of this song feel like they are sung from an omniscient narrator’s perspective, which feels reminiscent of the lyrics from bands like The Killers and Arctic Monkeys, and achieves a highly polished delivery.

Nero Simon and the Sunsetters – Starboard (Escape to Cozumel) (Out 22nd Oct ) 🇺🇸

Bringing their own brand of folk rock, Atlanta band Nero Simon and the Sunsetters are back with their brand new single ‘Starboard (Escape to Cozumel)’. With eerie backing vocals, groovy guitar rhythms and a full and lush texture, ‘Starboard (Escape to Cozumel)’ has a real retro sound to it, and feels like it belongs in a film soundtrack. This single is the first to be released from their upcoming album ‘Treasure Chest’, due out next year. Opening with rhythmic percussion that brings the 80s straight to mind, the catchy arrangement of this song is a real stand out feature. Interesting storytelling lyrics keep you hooked as the eight piece band masters the art of filling a recording without crowding out the vocals.

Keep For Cheap – Segway (Out 15th Oct) 🇺🇸

‘Segway’ is the new song from Keep For Cheap, a band that seems to defy genre. Indie-Country-Pop maybe just about covers it, but who needs genres anyway! Keep For Cheap sits well alongside the likes of Lucy Dacus, Julien Baker and Phoebe Bridgers, with lyrics rooted in special moments found in ordinary situations. Just when you forget the country aspect we are treated to little licks from a gritty sounding slide guitar. The lead vocals in parts are almost spoken/shouted rather than sung which highlights the lyricism and the instrumental elements of the song. The lyricism is a strong stand out feature of this song, as is the arrangement which reveals more complexity with each listen. With a strong rousing chorus line, ‘Segway’ is a great release from this Saint Paul band.