Alternative Milks – Shops

Bristol based alt-rock band ‘Alternative Milks’ have just released their new track ‘shops’ and it’s a unique one: thats for sure! With a cool and quite groovy to accompany the equally as upbeat and colourful melody and fairly simple lyrics, these elements mesh together to create a similar kind of vibe to the ‘Daniel Wakefield experience’ and ‘Hobo Johnson’. These lot certainly are ‘alternative’ as i can most definitely say that i’ve never heard a song about going to the ‘shop’ that has had me humming the tune around my house. The video that coincides with the track is quite 70’s/80’s feel. The grainy footage of people dancing in a club/gig and bright colours feels very appropriate to go with this type of song. Overall, i feel these lot are unique as a band but in the best way and if they intend to keep up their vintage feel then i’m certain they’ll be featuring on everyone’s playlists very soon.

Michael Kerr – Life goes on

As we move on to the second track of this week’s RGM Recommends round-up, we have reviewed Michael Kerr’s beautiful and solemn new single ‘Life goes on’. This melancholy masterpiece is definitely a tear jerker (and that’s no hyperbole as I’m writing this through glassy eyes). The slow pace, soft vocals, and pained, emotional lyrics all come together to create this heartfelt ballad. The lyrics and the title of the song simply state that ‘life goes on’ but it feels like this track is about more than that as the video that accompanies Michael Kerr’s new release seems to show a depressed looking man, in many of the shots with tears in his eyes but also shows a screen-cap of boxing gloves and training which to me indicates the fight and struggle of recovery and the realisation that life does go on, whether we like that or not.

Euan Blackman – HIGHHIGHHIGH

October 8th see’s the new release of Euan’s new single ‘HIGHHIGHHIGH’ and according to the comments from the likes of music legend Mike Shinoda (from Linkin Park) and Jack Saunders (BBC Radio 1 DJ) is one that won’t disappoint! Euan’s work has been well supported by those at the BBC and in the industry itself and it’s clear to see why. With a voice so soft and gentle and beautifully written lyrics such as the line ‘We’ve never been more connected on earth they say / but i’ve never felt more alone in every way’. This line is so effortlessly beautiful and comforting as i’m sure many young adults can resonate with the concept of being heavily connected to so many people through platforms online (especially in lockdown) but still feeling the sense of being completely and utterly alone. The song’s instrumentals are just as gorgeous as it’s lyrics and blending that with Euan’s calming vocals, you can clearly see why he’s got music legends like Mike Shinoda on his side; truly one to watch!

Don’t call me Ishmael – Somewhere Near La Paz

Another alternative take on lyricism here as ‘Don’t Call me Ishmael’ releases their new song ‘Somewhere Near La Paz’. The song’s concept is interesting as it takes the form of a fictionalised letter between Tamara Bunke (Tania the Guerrilla) and Cha Guevara, written as she travels to Bolivia to join his insurgency. There are not many songs, as of late, that are written in a concept such as this one, writers tend to come up with fictionalised characters and situations that are relevant and relatable to real-life experiences which this one uses as well as the ‘letter’ concept playing a large part in the structure of the lyricism of this track as it tells a story of two lovers. The song seems full of hope and love as these two loves will ‘soon be together’ but they believe that ‘someone will betray them before they can be together. A forbidden love. What’s not to enjoy about that, right? With the use of four lead vocals to create gorgeous harmonies and this story-like structure, this new release from ‘Don’t call me Ishmael’ is certainly one to be added to your playlists.

Lauren Nikohl – Energy 🇺🇸

Finally, to put an end to this week’s Recommended top 5 singles, we have genre-fluid indie, pop, electronic singer and talented songwriter Lauren Nikohl. As she gears up to release her self produced debut album ‘Ascend’ she has already released her leading track ‘Energy’ back in September. The song mixes elements from 4 different genres of music, blending together to create a psychedelic, dreamy track everyone can love. With bizarre yet thoughtful lyrics such as ‘death is a transition and the line ‘energy never dies / always ascending,’ it’s clear that this dance track is one that certainly questions our entire existence. The song seems very unbalanced in its high and low sections where the music seems to just bounce from a medium volume to almost silence, which to me is a little off-putting, when creating a dance track most people prefer consistency (unless there’s an exciting drop coming, which in this case doesn’t happen). However, it’s still needless to say that this track is great as an introducer to Lauren’s new album and is a small glimpse into the talent she is about to show us with her debut album.