Jen Dixon – ‘Pretty Face’

Filled with attitude and strength, ‘Pretty Face’ is the new single to come Teesside songwriter Jen Dixon. Vocals stay prominent in the mix for ‘Pretty Face’ which allows Jen’s lyricism to shine. The guitars create a grittiness to the track which is mirrored by the context of the lyrics. The piano lines bring a lightness to ‘Pretty Face’ and elevate the track. Jen brings it all down in the bridge before delivering huge vocal lines in the final chorus, leaving us in no doubt of the power and control she has over her voice.

Sauve Martyrs – ‘Tell Me What You Wanna’

Manchester’s Suave Martyrs bring their 2020 single ‘Tell Me What You Wanna’ to life with a trippy new video. Psychedelic visual touches highlight the electric guitar sounds, curating the aesthetic in a subtle and nuanced way. The makeup of the girl in the video brings to mind ‘Clockwork Orange’ eyes, with the intense stares to the camera creating an unhinged feeling in the video. Reverb soaked guitars create a full and rich texture that the vocals sit heavily in. Long drawn out vocals and catchy guitar riffs deliver a well polished indie sound.

The Corduroy Blue – ‘Could It Be’ 🇺🇸

Bright acoustic guitars open up the new single from Atlanta rockers The Corduroy Blue. Rich vocals layered with harmonies give this a sun-drenched retro 90s feel. A refreshing take on loneliness in an age of virtual connection, ‘Could It Be’ lifts your spirits with soaring melody lines and riffs, and an electric guitar line that manages to float on top of the mix. “At least I have my video screen” feels especially poignant after the past 18 months we have collectively experienced, and The Corduroy Blue asks big questions of human connection in a time where it can be hard to disconnect.

Spencer Flay – ‘Sound Waves’

Challenging everything you could ever expect from a Ukulele based album, ‘Sound Waves’ is the debut album from proud Bristolian Spencer Flay. Wearing his heart on his sleeve, Spencer’s lyrical style is rooted in witty honesty, as he expressed love for himself, his wife and his hometown! Ukulele wielding singer, rapper, songwriter, and loop pedal extraordinaire Spencer Flay brings to mind the early projects of Ed Sheeran, not afraid to try out different styles throughout the album. With 8 tracks that drip with pop and radio appeal, it is no surprise that Spencer has already received plenty of radio support from BBC, and will even be appearing in an upcoming documentary. The standout feature of ‘Sound Waves’ is the personality of Spencer which is able to shine in each and every song.

Honeyflux – ‘God, Buddha & Me’

Reverent and pensive, ‘God, Buddha & Me’ is the brand new single from Honeyflux. The Newcastle based band do not neatly fall into a genre box, but show a real mastery of songwriting and production with this new release. ‘God, Buddha & Me’ has a sublime build, with lush textures that surround you and lift you up by the midpoint of the song. Interesting lyrics delivered in powerful vocals, supported by intricate layers of guitars. Honeyflux achieve a beautiful feeling of space within the mix, giving each element a chance to sparkle. Closing out the song with poetic spoken lyrics and a lone guitar solo line that rings out like it’s on the closing credits of a film. Their lyrical style is rich with metaphors, and the recording is full of immaculate performances.