Naila – Voices In My Head

With haunting, melodic vocals and a dream-like quality the new single from Barcelona born and now Liverpool based soloist Naila is filled with both groove and tenderness with vulnerable lyrics and layers of ethereal sound which progresses at a captivating pace.

Strategically placed backing vocals and smooth production makes this a truly charming listen. Naila’s originally classically trained and beautiful voice is shown off and highlighted to perfection as modern more electronic instrumentation gives the track a contemporary feel.

“Voices In My Head” may be delicate sounding but Naila’s talent shines through strongly.

Alessia – You Make Me Feel

Tense and textured new electro-pop release from London based Alessia “You Make Me Feel” is filled with excitement and build up making the only almost three minutes it runs for an engaging experience.

Filled with clever hooks, sparkling synths and Alessia’s dreamy, feminine voice this song has not a dull moment from interesting distortion and auto-tuning used on the vocals to unexpected changes in pace.

“You Make Me Feel” is immaculately produced and energetic sounding track which is both futuristic and reminiscent of early 2000s pop acts. The two blend together to create an atmosphere that is a fun and thoroughly entertaining listening experience.

Euan Blackman – Mug (Out 26/11)

Soft, gentle acoustic guitar and an innocent, lullaby sounding quality to the new release from Liverpool based solo artist Euan Blackman give the song “Mug” a comforting essence despite tackling darker topics of feeling used or rejected by somebody.

Emotionally open in a way which is refreshing and beautifully worded with sensitive and poetic lyricism this track is an indie folk-pop dream that is both calming and thought provoking which fans of acts such as Phoebe Bridgers and Sufjan Stevens will undoubtedly enjoy.

Ending on an optimistic note, this track is far from mood darkening and manages to uplift the listener whilst indulging in less positive emotions.

Hello Cosmos – Hard Enough To Start With

New release “Hard Enough To Start With” from Manchester band Hello Cosmos is a hilarious and brutually honest track that perfectly words most peoples feelings and internal monologue over lockdown whilst complimenting it with an infectious beat and bass groove in the background.

This track is produced excellently and cleanly maintaining focus on both the vocals and instrumentation equally so one doesn’t outweigh the other giving the track a brilliant balance of negative lyrics and upbeat sound.

There’s an element of both psychedelic and punk influence used in “Hard Enough To Start With” which makes for a captivating combination of sound that blends together cohesively.

Gathering Of Strangers – Cherry Red

New single “Cherry Red” from indie rock band Gathering of Strangers is a passionate and mysterious track which explores the uncertainty and danger of an unpredictable romance.

With tension-building verses that lead to a chorus filled with heartfelt vocals and explosive guitar the listener is taken on a journey through the excitement and torment of a love/hate relationship.

This paired with an 80s infused sound which takes the listener back in time and anthemic guitar makes the track a delightful listen and not one to miss.