VIALETTERS – ‘Places of Residence’

Hull based Indie rock band VIALETTERS are back with brand new single ‘Places of Residence’. Bright indie pop guitars shimmer in the intro before giving way to lush vocals. Totally reminiscent of a polished Wolf Alice sound in the verses, the guitars in the chorus bring a brighter tone to this track, so don’t be fooled into thinking you’ve heard it before.

Laura’s light dreamy vocals nicely contrast with the edgier guitars, and deliver a sublime middle eight that allow her vocal performance and lyrical content to really shine. Catchy guitar hooks and pleasantly full textures let this song bounce along, while the vocals float on top, creating a comforting and enveloping soundscape.

Sunfall – ‘Seducer’

Guildford rockers Sunfall come bursting through the gate with brand new single ‘Seducer’. Frenzied instrumentation supports the raging vocals, as the song chops and changes in between sections. Perhaps more fluidity between sections would give this track a more cohesive feel, but overall there is impressive musicianship on show here.

The energy delivered is impeccable and you know these musicians have given everything they have to this recording. ‘Seducer’ pairs heavy beating drums with guitar riffs that rip through the mix in a terrifying onslaught of noise and energy.

Keep Back Ivy – ‘Wasting Time’ (Out 3rd Dec)

A barbed ode with prickly lyrics, ‘Wasting Time’ is everything you have ever wanted to say to your landlord. Keep Back Ivy give us spiky guitar riffs to line up with the lyrics, this Electro Punk track embodies the spirit of the Punk age, kicking back against the power holders.

Swirling guitars in the chorus disorientate and make your head spin, with the track forever held together with the steady electronic drum beat. The mix and mastering of this could be polished to give this track a final lift, but the energy and authenticity of the release is impeccable.

Lyrically important and engaging, ‘Wasting Time’ sees the Leeds based band pull out a range of influences, from the 80s Electro Indie drum beat, to the distorted garage rock riffs.

Ten Eighty Trees – ‘The Kick’

Triumphant and anthemic are the first words that spring to mind when listening to ‘The Kick’, the brand new single from Newcastle / Sheffield rock band Ten Eighty Trees. A real call to arms, ‘The Kick’ exposes the need to escape toxic situations, with the music mirroring the release of negative energy when you do finally escape the situation.

A soaring guitar solo is both empowering and gritty, the vocals are heavy and loud, the drums are relentless. ‘The Kick’ is imbued with a tangible fizzing of energy, this is Ten Eighty Trees at their most refined in the band’s own words.

“‘The Kick’ captures all the energy, emotion and attitude that comes with reinventing yourself.” reveal the band, whos latest song serves up all the alt-rock energy you could ever need.

Amāre – ‘October’

Melbourne based artist Amāre gives us something different with new track ‘October’. This Trapsoul single has a heavy beat with a deep groove that you can’t stay still to.

This feels like a huge club tune, completely driven by the beat. Amāre’s vocals are delivered with precision, with deft lyricism that hits all the tropes of a trapsoul banger. At only 1:39, ‘October’ is maybe a little on the short side, but this song certainly packs a punch, and leaving you wanting more is not necessarily a bad thing.