Bubbatrees – ‘Sweeter Than Water’

Bubbatrees come fizzing through the speakers with their electrifying new single ‘Sweeter Than Water’. Reminiscent of The 1975, this Scottish band announce their presence loudly and boldly with this new track. Dripping with commercial appeal, this song belongs in a hazy festival tent.

The song embodies the euphoria of discovering new music, with clean production and a steady drum rhythm that guides you through the track.

The lead vocals sit perfectly on top of the mix, blending impeccably with the instrumental. There’s a polished sheen on ‘Sweeter Than Water’, making this track the sweetest thing we’ve heard in a while.

Flowvers – ‘Flowers’

Portsmouth Indie rockers Flowvers are back with new single ‘Flowers’. Subdued verses give way to massive choruses that swell up in volume to envelop you entirely in the song.

Giving us Circa Waves and Peace vibes, this is Indie Rock at the highest level. Each element of this track is given space and time to shine in the mix, something that can be overlooked.

We can only imagine how good this song will sound live, with the crowd loving the energy of the chorus, and craving the peace of the verses. Flowvers show us what they’re made of in this track, elevating their craft and giving us the depth of their songwriting abilities.

Ruby – ‘Sometimes’

Sitting on the sultry edge of pop, Leeds based artist Ruby is giving us some serious vibes on her new single ‘Sometimes’.

Delicate harmonies prop up the fiery vocals that reveal the grittier side of Ruby’s vocals. Jazz infused guitars give this track a hazy relaxed vibe, the song feels like you’re sitting in a smoke lounge being serenaded.

The clarity of the mix highlights the vulnerability posed in the lyrics, bringing this track together with a comforting sense of cohesiveness.

Ruby’s vocal performance is a real standout from the track, and plenty of space is given for her to excel in this open and vulnerable song.

Yawn – ‘Motion Sickness’

Bright and shimmery, ‘Motion Sickness’ is the latest single from Manchester Indie Pop Rockers Yawn. A song that you can’t help but move to, ‘Motion Sickness’ gives us genuinely interesting sounds, challenging the expectations of an Indie Pop track.

The middle eight swirls around, changing the sonic soundscape, introducing light retro synths as it swells into the outro. Vocals float on top of this track, and pass you by unless you grab hold of them.

Catchy melodies and positive vibes are what stand out from ‘Motion Sickness’, with movement being a key theme for the song.

Thunderclap – ‘Epidemication’ 🇨🇦

A sentiment we surely can all relate to, Thunderclap’s latest musical offering articulates the slow descent into madness during a pandemic.

Bringing us back into the lockdown state of mind with an alarming level of accuracy, ‘Epidemication’ is unnerving and surreal, with layers of humour piled on top of this dramatically performed track.

You can really hear the influence that Bowiw has had on Ontario based Thunderclap, this track is ridiculous and fun, bringing the lightheartedness back into psych-folk. Wordy and whimsical, ‘Epidemication’ is an intriguing and unique listening experience that you certainly won’t forget.