Moby Dickless – Daffodils

Both eerie and enchanting, the new track “Daffodils” taken from the “Live In the Boat Room” EP from Manchester band Moby Dickless confirms their new EP, set to be released on December 3rd, is one to look out for.

Reminiscent of 90s trip-hop bands such as Portishead this track feels as if it were taken out of a melancholy movie scene and splendidly creates its gloomy atmosphere. With heart-wrenching lyrics about poverty and desperation this track is combined with beautiful layers of soft vocals and a slow paced, suspenseful beat. Soaked with atmospheric reverb guitar chords adding an other-worldly and psychedelic effect, this song is a mesmerising listen from start to finish.

Glass Violet – Indigo

Immediately captivating and upbeat new single from Bristol indie rock band Glass Violet “Indigo” is superbly put together and catchy taking the listener back to the early 2000s indie rock music of bands such as Kasabian and Foals.

With excellently clean production and an infectious hook and chorus “Indigo” stays entertaining throughout with seamlessly blended changes of vocal sound from loud and clear to soft and echoing and the subtle yet effective adding of different instrumental passages ensuring that there isn’t a boring moment in this track. The soaring guitar riffs are both melodic and explosive with passionate vocals and lyrics flowing over them.

A driving beat combined with punchy drums leading to an anthemic, intoxicating chorus makes this single an indie-rock banger that is not to be missed.

Alyssa Jordan – What a Wonderful World

Covering the famous track from Louis Armstrong “What a Wonderful World” solo artist Alyssa Jordan manages to put her own unique and contemporary spin on the classic track whilst maintaining many of its beautiful features.

Beginning with joyous and merry piano chords echoing elegantly into the background Alyssa’s gorgeous, innocent sounding voice meets the instrumentation singing the instantly recognisable lyrics. The adding of a synth beat in the background modernises the track whilst the sound of violin strings give it a vintage quality juxtaposing the two elements with timeless brilliance.

The instrumentation of the track is graceful and grows in elegant layers creating a truly exquisite listening experience which does the original song the justice it deserves with an added feminine and more modern twist.

Kopper – Boys

Post-punk band Kopper’s new single “Boys” is a bold and unflinching punk track filled with shredding guitar riffs and provocative lyrics. Teaming up with the Sheffield LGBT+ community to create a music video to this track that challenges gender norms Kopper clearly have their roots in punk culture and traditions which have always supported marginalised and queer people.

Whilst the track is undeniably post-punk, it blends this with layered vocals and an upbeat, driving chorus which creates an anthemic rock feel proving that there is a place for queerness in the popular rock scene. The influence of shoegaze bands such as My Bloody Valentine can be heard in the hazy and dreamy guitar noise adding another interesting genre influence to the track making it as unique and daring as any true punk single should be

My Nose is Pierced – Glass

Recently released track “Glass” from My Nose is Pierced is an exciting taste of what is next to come from the Leeds based indie-pop solo artist which fans of powerful female vocalists and indie music in general should add to their listen-to bucket-list.

With layers of elegantly harmonised vocal passages and a building crescendo of sound her vocal talent shines through superbly and confidently. Whilst the instrumentation is simple, with such potent vocals not much is needed to distract from them.

The influence of artists such as David Bowie can be heard in the dramatic and theatrical tone of “Glass” lyrically filled with clever metaphors describing herself as similar to glass and with 80s rock-star guitar pieces adding the finishing touch to this enigmatic single.