Clear Vinyl LIAR

Clear Vinyl released their new song LIAR and I have fallen in love with it. The song begins with the chorus, without any instrumental, which sounds as if a crowd is singing the words in unison. Many bands have their ‘sing along with the crowd’ songs and ‘LIAR’ is certainly that for Clear Vinyl. The song seems fairly short as it sits under the three-minute mark, however, due to the uplifting nature of the tune I feel it wouldn’t need to be much longer anyway. My favourite lyric of the song is ‘we got burned now we’re playing with fire like it could wash our sins away, which shows how in relationships you can sometimes be very aware that your partner and your relationship may not be good for you but you stay in it anyway as you already know it’s over before its started. I really enjoyed this track and was definitely a brilliant pick to start with for this week’s Recommends reviews.

Solar Love Society – Now is the time

The Sheffield 7 piece reggae/dub fusion band have just released their new EP ‘Now is the time’ and we have chosen to give it a listen. The single is also the name of the EP, making it the staple piece of the five exclusive new songs from the group. The mixture of a male lead vocal and female lead vocal melts together perfectly in this funky track which is set to get anyone up and dancing. The reggae feel of the song is what makes the song feel so positive and exciting as you can hear the trumpets, harmonies and drums all blending together.

The HaciendasOther side

With an extremely catchy bridge and chorus and an extremely ‘ROCK AND ROLL’ kind of feel to it, The Hacienda’s new release ‘Other Side’ is certainly one for those of you that like to picture yourselves strapped in leather and riding off into the sunset on your motor-bike, long locks flowing in the breeze. The groups newest track is punchy and exciting as it’s fast paced and straight to the point. The song doesn’t seem to drag on and in-fact feels almost too short, however with three minutes worth of a mesh of strong vocalists, guitar and a fairly memorable melody, this new release will have you performing air guitar in no time flat.

PioneersWhat have you got to prove?

This one is my favourite release of this week’s reviews. The pioneer’s new release titled ‘What have you got to prove?’ is an extremely fun and uplighting track. This song, in particular, reminds me of music from The Sherlock’s debut album, which I think we can all agree was pretty spectacular, so I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this one. The last-minute of the song may be the most important as the bridge into the chorus is one you could imagine a full crowd singing back to the band at a festival or a gig and it’s the kind of moment that would make your hair stand up on all ends. There aren’t many songs like that around these days but this one definitely has a lot of potential. Overall the song is quite bouncy and fun in nature as you could imagine throwing yourself up and down in a pit. The Pioneers are certainly a new addition to my ‘new ones to watch for this year and next and they should be on yours too!

Lucky IrisCoffee shop

Last but not least, Leeds duo Lucky iris have just released their new track ‘Coffee Shop’. This gorgeous track has been produced by Ed Heaton and mixed by Lee Smith who have also worked with acts such as ‘Easy Life’ and ‘Holly Humberstone’, so as you can tell this was a good pick for me! The inspiration from the song came from Lock-down and the desire that the duo felt to get out into the world. The lyrics from the song share the feelings of wanting to do even the most normal of things when you’re not even sure what ‘normal’ is anymore. The chorus is simple but very effective as it repeats ‘what are you doing with your life?’ which is a question i’m sure most of us asked ourselves a few times a day during lockdown. With a lovely catchy melody, gorgeous vocals and a touch of Ed Heaton magic, Lucky Iris have well and truly created a ‘dreamy’ little monster of a tune!\