Lissy Taylor – Young  

Euphoric and electrifying, new track “Young” from Manchester based solo artist Lissy Taylor proves that there’s a good reason why she has already gained much critical acclaim and positive attention.  

The combination of influences from anthemic indie artists such as Sam Fender with more electronic pop instrumentation seen from prominent female pop artists such as Florence and the Machine creates a song that is dynamically elated.

With skilled, professional production and great radio playability this track is one to serenade those moments where you feel like the main character.  

The Silver Lines – The Big O  

Birmingham band The Silver Lines distinguish themselves from your standard all male indie rock band with their groovy, melodic new single “The Big O” filled with catchy guitar riffs and clever hooks.  

With a more new-wave than indie rock vibe “The Big O” is instantly infectiously funky and uses playful, memorable lyrics combined with a catchy chorus and hook to make the track memorable. Amongst the sometimes repetitive nature of four-piece indie bands, “The Big O” is sure to provide a breath of fresh air for listeners who hunger for something more eccentric and individual.  

Honeycomb Sunshine – All The Time  

If you’re after an emotive, neo soul piano ballad new emerging artist Honeycomb Sunshine has got you covered in her debut single “All The Time”, a track that makes a dramatic and fervent entrance.  

Using the influence of old soul and jazz greats such as Aretha Franklin or Etta James but combining it with a more modern influence from soul/pop artists such as Adele there’s a vintage touch to “All The Time” whilst it still has the contemporary feel needed to engage a modern day fanbase. Passionate and heartfelt vocals and lyricism is one of the starring features of this song with Honeycomb Sunshine showing off her beautiful, magnetic voice to perfection.  

Office for Personal Development – Do It All Over Again  

With a futuristic almost alien instrumental meeting lyricism that delves humorously into the mind of a delusional narcissist Bexhill-on-sea band Office for Personal Development’s new single “Do It All Over Again” is nothing if not unique.  

With the beep-bop, techno-pop sound nailed down immaculately as well as a clean to the point of being almost sterile use of production the innocent and pure instrumentation of this track directly contrasts its almost sinister lyricism.

Speaking from inside the mind of a man who believes he is God, there’s an intelligently hilarious twist to this track that just adds to its unusual charm. “Do It All Over Again” is a single that marks this band out as being one that does things very much in their own way.  

LASS – 20s Are Weird  (Out June 10th)

Female alternative pop duo from Wigan LASS bring some refreshing brutal honesty in their lyricism as well as an immersive melody combined with exquisite vocal harmonies in their new single “20s Are Weird”.  

With the title summing up the lyrical content of this track its narrative reflects on the emptiness and isolative feelings growing up can bring when everyone else around you seems to have it more figured out than you do. Using simplistic but highly relatable examples in their lyricism there’s a refreshing no-bullshit vibe to this track. With beautifully paved out song structure and deliciously delicate vocal and instrumental melodies “20s Are Weird” is both impressive and touching.