Afterbliss – Shout It Out

The new single ‘Shout it Out’ is everything you’ve come to expect of these lads. Vibrant and pulsating with gusto, Afterbliss provide another classic sing a long track to add to an ever growing discography of memorable tracks.

With clear inspirations from Muse and Interpol, the eclectic sound pulls no punches in not only grabbing your attention, but holding it hostage to pounding drums and moshing arms.

InRetrospect – Safe_Haven

Very aggressive! With singed vocals, InRetrospect delivers a sterling EP of the death metal scream variety. Past songs like open eyes and My Last Breath set a good scene but this EP revolutionises the sound.

Bands like bring me the horizon and while she sleeps chug in the same leagues as this band and follow the same chemical cocktail of distortion and blown up drums. Great!

Euan Blackman – LED Lights

The master of the human condition, Euan tastefully melds a wistful vibe with a Alt folky soundscape. You can practically smell the euphoria oozing off this single as it drives and carves an anthemic march, begging for unity in singing along.

Comfortably relating to Sam Fender and Phoebe Bridgers, Euan is a well lauded and well deserving singer songwriter who clearly writes from the heart, a key attribute to anyone with the nerve to pick up an acoustic.

Ella Ruby – last year 🇺🇸

Ella Ruby combines Adreinne Lenker esq vocals with a moody backbeat, developing a style only unique to her. It’s a song designed to be listened to in your darker moments, compelling strong emotional reactions and hopefully offering some catharsis.

With strong influences from Billie Marten and Shannon Lay, Ella Ruby carries the torch of the softly sung heartbreakers, a breed we all need sometimes. From the echoing violins to the muted acoustic, it’s a concoction of emotions constantly underpinned by the need for their lovers return.

Jonny Ash – Rosies

With an opening guitar sequence reminiscent of ‘Parisienne Walkways’ (to the Gary Moore fans) or ‘Slide Away’ (to the 90s folks), the desperate vocals, laced with nasality and parkas, massages the soul and offers some comfort of a time long gone. The Wrexham folks find themselves ‘high on life’ and the guitar solo at 3:08 is a high of its own accord. Amazing!

With obvious inspirations from Oasis and Stone Roses, the indie rock quartet do no disservice in producing a sound that’s been iconic for years and no doubt will continue to be. Good job lads!