NOVUSTORY – ‘I’m Never Gonna Fit In (With These Kids)

‘I’m Never Gonna Fit in (With These Kids)’ has a poignant, but hopeful message -never give up because you’ll find your people at some point in life- driven home by excellent musicality in the form of big fuzzy ‘Royal Blood’ like riffs.

The lyricism is punchy and diverse, offering a wide dynamic range which really shows off the vocal prowess of this powerhouse of a band. The group have recently had success performing with names like ‘Bang Bang Romeo’ and ‘Hands off Gretel’, and have announced a headline tour of the UK.

There are sure to be big things to come from this band in the near future, I’ll be keeping my eyes eagerly peeled for their next release.

Chris Tavener – ‘Worldwide Superstar’

‘Worldwide Superstar’ is a new release from the ever eccentric Chris Tavener’s new EP: ‘Easy Ways To Be Happy’. In short, it is a delightful listen. A catchy, driving guitar riff meets a powerful, yet playful vocalist. The drums have a nice, big sound; the reverb choices made me feel as if I were watching the song performed in a concert hall, this definitely added a personal effect. The tongue-in-cheek style of vocals and lyrics had me grinning, while the instrumentals had me involuntarily nodding my head… I must have looked like a right weirdo. Thanks for that Chris.

Tavener has had much acclaim from the likes of BBC Radio 6 Music, and has shared the stage with big names such as Joy Division. Fun fact: he’s written songs for Sir Ian McKellen, so in his spirit I say that ‘YOU SHALL NOT PASS’ (on Chris Tavener). Allow the dad joke.

Marseille – ‘Might As Well Be Mine’

Marseille’s new release -‘Might As Well Be Mine’- is another in a line of anthemic, driven Brit-pop style songs from the Derby based group. The new release is fast paced from the off and keeps up the impressive energy throughout; the high octane drum beat compliments the fuzzy and quick guitar progression, leaving for an uplifting, energetic listen.

Personally, I do feel the kick could have been more present and impactful to add to the powerful drum section. It would have been the proverbial icing on the cake.
The Brit-pop revival is really snowballing, and Marseille are one of the most exciting new bands in this genre. Having only formed in 2021, I’m really impressed that this is already their fourth release. Keep up the good work lads.

Matilda Shakes – ‘Fast Lane’ ( Out 24/6)

The Sheffield based band have gone from strength to strength, and their new release ‘Fast Lane’ is no exception. As the name suggests it is a scorching, high octane thrill ride. The distorted riffs and punchy drums make for a welcome assault on the ears.

Apart from a lovely, plateauing middle eight, the song is unrelenting from the get go; it’s as volcanic as the ignition of an F1 race car. Ya know? Because it’s race-themed and all that. Unsurprisingly, Matilda Shakes are being recognised around their local circuit, most notably, being nominated for ‘Best Unsigned Band’ at the recent EXPOSED awards.

From personal experience I can tell you that they are a remarkable live band, I’d highly recommend watching them in action.

Amare – ‘US’ (out 23/6)

I’m a sucker for a dark, chest hitting 808. Luckily for me, the new release from Amare -‘US’- has that in abundance. The overall sound is trap influenced with melancholic connotations; the vocals were excellent, a great voice that gave the impression of the main protagonist struggling with mental turmoil. Being able to hear the struggle in his voice really adds to the theme of the song (issues with a toxic ex).

The outro introduces an ultra-distorted sound on the vocals, it really added to the songs range and acted as a nice contrast to the main, clean sounding vocals. The production value on the track is admirable, the nuance between high hat rolls in the song gave a shifting element to the main beat, it was one of the many song choices that kept me entertained and interested throughout.