The Gulps ‘King of the Disco’

The Gulps new track ‘King of the disco’ is awash with upbeat and funky tones with classic dance driven lyricism and vocals. It gives big 90’s vibes mixed with new age production and effects; the range in instrumentals ensure the tune is fresh throughout and never boring. The track is about clubbing and holds true to the subject matter as it transports you to a 90’s club scene, it exudes confidence which emboldens you and really does make you feel like you are indeed, the ‘King of the Disco’.. Make way Disco Stu.

The production value on this track is very good quality. The cross between a poppy dance music inspired beat and elements of rock is ambitious, but pulled off comprehensively. There is so much in this track to entertain you throughout, for example, The distorted and ripping guitar solo which erupts effortlessly from the dance beat, it caught me off guard and I loved it. The transition between the two genres is seamless, it’s like a mismatch of David Guetta and Blur and I’m so here for it, really excited to see what comes next from this creative quintuplet.

Electromush album ‘Tales of Ukraine’

This incredibly unique and creative outfit is from Ukraine, and in their words they finished this album in Kyiv ‘to the sound of sirens and explosions’. Wow. It really made their first track ‘Runaway Crane’ hit me right in the feels (for lack of a better term). It is a driving, motivating, marching band influenced drum beat that meets powerful and inspiring lyrics and vocals. It is an uplifting listening experience as it builds and swells into a galvanising conclusion submersed with huge timpani sounding drums and flowy instrumentals.

The group uses an eclectic mix of techniques in their production. On top of the imaginative and decisive way they sculpt and play with their instrumentals, they also have a huge array of recorded foley and found sounds (things like pipes banging, machines whirring etc.) It gives a real industrial and varied feel to the tracks and melds effectively with the other song elements. The usage of the foley in the drum beat is inspired and innovative, and makes for a constantly shifting background, bringing a distinctive listening experience to each track.

To create something so powerful and cohesive in times of such uncertainty and torment reminds me of the Phoenix rising from the ashes. They can’t take away your art and creativity, keep strong guys.

Riccardo O’Grady ‘Upon a Star’

The new release from the Italian born Riccardo O’Grady begins with a driving riff that exudes Radiohead vibes, I love the tone of the guitar, it is comfortingly clean and emotes calm feelings in its talentedly written progression. The song builds into a wonderful middle eight which introduces a soothing and soft backing vocal. The song ebbs with a relaxed aura; it is the kind of song that ensures self reflection and contemplation of love and the beauty in this world… all those icky good feelings.

The idea of the song is a fictional theme of space travel where loneliness is abundant, however, the introduction of a muse softens this loneliness and introduces a hope filled element. The usage of soft acoustic guitar mixed with an elevating, uplifting drum groove helps to pull the character and the listener together through the isolation.

Pomona Park, ‘Overdrink’.

Pomona Park’s new release ‘Overdrink’ begins with a psychedelic laden background that cradles you like a baby and prepares you for the emotional turmoil of the main protagonist of the song. The catchy rhythm guitar and drums along with the serenading psychedelic effects give the song a ‘Blossom’s’ like feel. The chorus is really well structured and flows effortlessly with the song as it lulls you into an involuntary head bop.

Skilful, picture painting lyricism stops this heartbreak song from venturing into the realms of cliché which this category of song so often finds itself in. It delves dexterously into the mind of the main protagonist -a chronic overthinker- and made me feel sad and hopeful for them and their situation. To emote such feelings as a songwriter is no easy task, but is pulled off comprehensively. If like me you are indeed a chronic overthinker, the song puts you right there with them which is maybe why it hit me as hard as it did, but remember guys, the ‘Overdrink’ doesn’t stop the overthink, go easy on yourselves. This is a really great first release from an exciting, upcoming band; I’m really looking forward to hearing what’s next from Pomona Park.

Alex Francis ‘If I Can’t Have You’

Another breakup song! It’s heartbreak hotel at RGM today. Weirdly though, this is the most upbeat and cheerful sounding song of the 5 despite the break-up-regret connotations (we’ve all been there right?).

The instrumentals are playful and uplifting providing an interesting juxtaposition to the sad subject matter. The song is incredibly well structured with some well thought out production choices; I especially liked the gospel backing vocals which helped carry the song and give it a fuller, buoyant feel. On the subject of vocals, Alex Francis’ voice is incredible. It is powerful and determined, yet endears you with a jovial aspect and a smattering of a comforting gravelly quiver. It is no surprise that Francis is getting so much attention, I’m sure there are big things to come from this very talented songwriter/musician.