The New Twentys – Heart’s In The Right Place

 The New Twentys is a 3 man band from London made up of Harry & Jimmy Morris, two brothers, and their friend Chris Bourne. Rising from an alternative/indie style, all three musicians distinguish themselves on the music scene partly due to their impressive hairstyles and edgy poses. They aren’t afraid to show their true colors, and had the chance to reveal their sound to the crowd at several festivals like Rock Oyster Festival, supporting various acts such as McFly, Fat White Families, Primal Scream etc. Their most recent single ‘Heart’s in the Right Place’ is uplifting, rich in vocals/harmonies, cool guitar riffs and drums shaping the rhythmic of the song from start to finish. This song is big statement which any passionate individual can relate to, when it comes to chase your dream with 0 fucks giving. Someone or something will always get in the way of achieving ones dream, but it’s your attitude which will count to making it a reality. Give this song a listen for a boost of confidence and self-belief!


Y!KES is an alternative grunge inspired anti-pop band from Birmingham who have just released their newest single ‘GOD MODE’ on January the 28th! A music video has also been released, produced by Jim Pinder (BMTH/WSS) and contains footage of their recent sell out tour with ‘As December Falls & Salem’. With their newest single, the band suck you into their universe driven by quirky visuals, bombastic drums, impressive riffs, and a unique brand image. Paired with an colorful yet honest music video, the track conveys unique energy which will leave fans salivating until their next gig. Their sound brings us to reminisce the good strong felt moments that shape our lives, yet bring a special energy which helps fans overcome hardships and appreciate the simple moments in life.

Zac and the New Men – Deeper

Zac and the New Men are a 4 man blues/rock inspired band originally from Swansea, and formed during lockdown out of pure boredom. Since then, they have performed in over 25 pub gigs, 3 festivals, 4 support gigs and one sold-out headline show in their local town. Their latest gig ‘Deeper’ gives us chills from the start, as the singer naturally holds a raspy story-telling voice setting the tone immediately. The band as a whole exuberate a 70’s style from the clothes that they wear to the chilled vibes which they emanate when being interviewed. Their sound as a whole can be described as a heartfelt yet sassy tune where each musician brings their own spice and rhythmic to the mix. This band is everything but boring, and each musician knows exactly which part to play.

Hyperiff – Take Me Back

Hyperiff come all the way from the US, Michigan, where they combine rock and melodic metal formed officially in 2021. It hasn’t been long until their defining single ‘Take Me Back’ receives appraisal from countless fans and added to 50+ playlists including ‘DistroKid Rock’. ‘Take Me Back’ is an astonishingly powerful ballad showcasing the vocal power and heartfelt emotions of the lead singer, who is swiftly accompanied by the percussions and piano who shape the song furthermore. The unmissable guitar riff is also to praise as it keeps listeners sharp throughout the song. This song is for anyone who wants to enjoy a lovely heartfelt piece paired with an energy booster.  

Finding Bella – Good right now (Out on 11/2)

Finding Bella, is a 5 piece band indie rock band from Birmingham. As they are about to release their newest single ‘Good right now’, the band is also rehearsing their set for their next headliner on the 11th of February taking place at the O2 Institute of Birmingham, which is the same day that their single will be released! ‘Good right now’ is a feel good song which embodies all the Grooves and Moves you’d expect just by the sounds of the title itself. The guitar withholds a consistent yet crescendo energy throughout to keep you motivated until the end. The drums tease the listeners as they create moments of suspense, supported by the lead vocalist who bases his lyrics on concise yet powerful words. As the melody swiftly whispers in your ears ‘We can take this anywhere, feeling good right now’, the lead singer teases you into letting go of any bad emotions you may withhold in you. Who can say no to that?