Cuffs – Watch Me Die  

Explosive and energetic new single from UK punk band Cuffs is a dynamic portrayal of the frustrating feelings of isolation that come from being abandoned by those who are supposed to have your back during mental health struggles.  

Beginning with an instantly recognisable punk rock style with fast-paced drums, roaring guitars, and an enchantingly anarchic approach to song structure and sound “Watch Me Die” is clear on its genre and does it well. With jumbled, chaotic sounding beginning verses reflecting the confusion that can come with feeling trapped by your own mind and betrayed by others as lead singer Brodie Morgans viciously passionate vocals tearing through the instrumental, this track embodies anger in a way that speaks to the listener. Any fans of the UK punk scene or hardcore music that tackles dark topics should be sure not to miss “Watch Me Die”.  

Revivalry – Pieces  

Released in time for Valentine’s Day, new song from Cleethorpes based indie band Revivalry is an anthemic and deliciously catchy indie rock tune that tells the timeless tale of loving so hard it hurts you.  

With choppy and tense guitar riffs and lead singer Connie’s beautifully melodic vocals soaring over the instrumental “Pieces” creates a sense of build-up that matches its topic of choice perfectly. An intoxicating, guitar driven chorus that is both extremely radio friendly and rhythmically enticing makes sure this track ticks the box when it comes to live show playability that is essential to indie music. From its subtle but beautifully executed rhythmic changes and charming vocal melodies this song is a delightful listen from start to finish sounding both professional and fresh at the same time.

Last of the Sane – The Lowest Part  🇺🇸

Texas based nu-metal band Last of the Sane blend both classic metal and nu-metal influences together to create a sound that is both modern and sticks to its roots in their single “The Lowest Part”.  

With thunderous, rolling drums and bold guitar riffs combined with rasping vocals the influence of classic metal music such as Metallica or Iron Maiden is clear to hear in this track. The songs dark topic theme reflected by its low toned vocals and sonorous chorus is conceptually very cohesive but there’s also an emboldening element to “The Lowest Part” with its driving pace and furious instrumentals that make it easy to imagine it being the soundtrack to a movie protagonist. Drawing in more modern metal influences with its sudden screaming vocals Last of the Sane creates a sound that will resonate with fans of all sub-groups of the metal genre. 

The Makings – Heart Attack  

New single “Heart Attack” from Bristol alternative rock band The Makings displays their wide array of genre influences, innovative spirit and diversity of sound perfectly and enchantingly.  

Beginning with jumpy bass and guitar sounds followed by the introduction of jazzy horns its clear from the start that “Heart Attack” isn’t going to be your typical alt rock track. Soulful lyrics and harmonic backing vocals adding to the fluid and unconstrained nature of this track give it a relaxed and easy flow despite its surprising twists and turns. Keeping the listener ever engaged with changes in vocal delivery and unpredictable instrumentation it’s easy to hear the ways in which this band works as a team to ensure each members talents are showcased to its full potential. Bringing in influences from pop, alt rock, jazz and soul “Heart Attack” proves that The Makings are not a band afraid to experiment or push musical boundaries.  

Freddy Gillmore – Plastic  (OUT 4/3/22)

Theatrical and funky, new single from Manchester-based Freddy Gillmore teaming up with guitarist Tom Symonds is dramatic and luxurious sounding with a heartfelt delivery.  

With upbeat and passionate piano passages, modern synth sounds and reverb-soaked guitar chords this track is filled to the brim with thrilling layers of sound merging together to give Freddy Gillmore a unique musical style. Soulful vocals and fiery lyrics add to the character and charisma of “Plastic” making it a truly invigorating and stirring listen. With excellently skilled production showcased making the track sound clear and smoothly flowing combined with a catchy chorus and beat “Plastic” is a track where you can hear the amount of effort and heart that’s been put into it, therefore making it hard to forget.