The Alphabetamines – Drink Too Much

We’ve heard plenty of songs about drinking? So, what’s one more catchy rock and roll song all about boozy tendencies? ‘Drink Too Much’ is the second single from punk rock outfit The Alphabetamines. With an argumentative back-and-forth narrative, it’s an easy sing-along song for you to get along with. The impressive emotionally strong songwriting presents promising things to come from the partnership.

UNO MAS – Jungle

A brand new single from popular Manchester outfit UNO MAS, ‘Jungle’ is a funky indie track that’ll make you want to move. Paired with a music video shot at hotspot music venue 33s, everything about this band screams Manchester. Their confidence and bravado is clear and only adds to their already commendable collection of singles. It’ll be nice to see them moving up the music ladder, and hopefully we’ll see them putting together an EP or even an album soon.

Green Wire – Mrs. Artois

Jangly and guitar-driven mixed with elements of the bouncy rhythms of funk and ska, ‘Mrs. Artois’ is one of those songs you know an audience would come away humming if they saw it live. Channelling the tone of the early 2000s UK indie rock, Green Wire certainly know how to write a catchy tune. If I were them I’d do as much as I could to get the music out there, doing as many gigs as possible.

FloodHounds – Panic Stations

If there’s anything you take away from listening to ‘Panic Stations’ it’s how professional it sounds. You can hear every musical detail that FloodHounds have paid attention to, and it makes it so much easier to appreciate. What’s more, it’s actually an electrifying grunge-rock track that will cause the ears of any fan of guitar-heavy music to prick up.

Enjoyable Listens – Yellow Almond Forest

If you’d guessed by the song title that ‘Yellow Almond Forest’ was going to have an alternative quirk to it then you’d have guessed right. Deep and hypnotic vocals are underscored by a sea of electropop. There’s certainly an intrigue to Enjoyable Listens, and they stir up a lot of excitement for their upcoming debut album ‘The Enjoyable Listen’.