Bullet Girl – McViolence  

With thunderous percussion and screaming vocals blending together to create an undeniably punk sound with a hint of grunge tastefully drawing from the works of their inspirations such as the Pixies.

Displaying a deliciously unyielding aggression and explosive guitar instrumentals as the repetitive lyrics almost hypnotise the listener, new single from Irish post-punk band Bullet Girl lives up to their name hitting its audience right in the heart with its gripping and unwavering new track “McViolence”.  

The Vandalis – Yellow Vests  

Combining an array of genre influences from blues to punk new single “Yellow Vests” from Manchester’s The Vandalis is packed with surprise and innovation accompanied by a dynamic rhythm.

With its almost chaotic sounding instrumentation reflecting its humorous and witty narrative, following the downward spiralling life of its protagonist succumbing to depression, this track is delightfully playful and experimental whilst maintaining a cohesive song structure and invigorating punk spirit.  

Apple Shakers – Honey

Anthemic and captivating, filled with crowd-pleasing hooks and with bags of confidence new single “Honey” from East London band Apple Shakers is memorable and intoxicating.

With choppy guitar and a broken-up rhythm there’s a tension to this single that will keep the listener on their toes throughout its run time and reflects its cleverly phrased lyrics about the chase of a mysterious and elusive person. Reaching a climatic guitar and percussion storm at the end, “Honey” brings to the table the best features of indie rock.  

Burn The Louvre – Silhouettes  🇨🇦

Folkish and enchantingly optimistic new track “Silhouettes” from Canadian band Burn The Louvre is both refreshing and professional sounding.

Merging a laidback and warm acoustic instrumental accompanied by wise yet innocent lyrics singing about living in the moment and the importance of not overthinking regret or the variables too much, “Silhouettes” is rejuvenatingly honest and brings a comfortingly positive touch to the timeless tale of relationship struggles.  

Lightning Threads – Never Cry (Out 18/3)

Soulful guitar riffs, impassioned vocals and fervent blues instrumentals.

If these things sound up your street, you’ll love the new release “Never Cry” from Sheffield-based rock band the Lightning Threads. Fast paced, riveting guitar and a bold drum beat kick off this track as lead vocalist of Lightening Threads sings vulnerably about feelings of confusing and sudden sadness and anxiety. With a vintage blues twist and infectious groove, “Never Cry” proves that Lightening Threads are a band oozing with charisma, passion and electrifying energy.