Gen and the Degenerates – Girl God Gun  

Fancy a piece of scathing, female fronted post-punk with abstract and witty lyricism? Punk band Gen and the Degenerates new single “Girl God Gun” taken from their latest EP has got you covered.  

With a fast pacing and rhythmic guitar and drum instrumental combined with lead singer Gen talking/singing over it there’s a chaotic energy to “Girl God Gun” and a sense of urgency. Leading up to an explosive and melodic ending, the bold aggression and immediately hitting poetic and metaphorical lyrics are some of the strongest aspects of the track. “Girl God Gun” is a hypnotic take on post-punk.

Motel Thieves – Slept for Weeks  

A groovy indie rock banger with guitars to send shivers down your spine, new release from Swansea five-piece rock band Motel Thieves “Slept for Weeks” is a 90s inspired delight.  

With the influence of bands such as The Stone Roses and Led Zepplin merging together to create a spirited and smooth flowing rock song “Slept for Weeks” is one that will take you back in time. The key ingredient that makes this track lies in its soulful and deliciously passionate guitar that intoxicates the entire instrumental.

This combined with a driving rhythm and soaring vocals make this track explosively arena-ready. “Slept for Weeks” sees Motel Thieves proving they’re not a band anyone should be sleeping on this year!  

Megan Black – Maybe After All 

Fusing the folk-rock and honeyed guitar sound of Fleetwood Mac with modern indie-queen flare Megan Black strikes gold with her gauzy and glittering track “Maybe After All”. 

Using catchy guitar riffs and jumpy base to create a sense of playfulness and excitement Megan Black forms a dazzling track to kick off her newest album release “Deadly Is The Woman”. There’s a definite retro touch to this track balanced out with the snappy and tuneful instrumentals essential to a modern indie hit. On “Maybe After All” Megan Black proves her strength as an artist able to seamlessly merge old and new together.  

The Eves – Big Love  

Anthemic, exuberant and sparkling The Eves stay true to the title of their new track by going all out and pouring their souls into their latest release “Big Love”.  

With shimmering modern electronic instrumentals “Big Love” has excellent radio and live playability demonstrating The Eves talent in creating catchy and successful pop music.

With an uplifting message about not settling for less than what you deserve and taking care of yourself to match the instrumental energy of the track “Big Love” is rousing and bound to be a crowd pleaser.  

Chris Kelly – Better Days  (OUT 6TH MAY)

Filled with authentic softness and comforting optimism, new single “Better Days” from folk solo-artist Chris Kelly is dreamy and consoling.  

With layers of acoustic instrumentals enveloping the listener like a warm blanket “Better Days” has a soothing and compassionate quality to it instrumentally as well as lyrically.

Even with Chris Kelly singing openly and honestly about regret and feelings of being stuck in a bad place the track isn’t depressing in the slightest as its light at the end of the dark tunnel narrative touches the heart and enlivens the spirits.