Maya Roxo – Echo  

Electrifying and spirited, new single from Norway born and Liverpool based solo artist Maya Roxo blends theatrical, cinematic elements with modern pop themes to create a soundscape that is entirely her own.  

Filled with dynamic energy as Maya’s powerful vocals are permeated by crashing electronic instrumentals like musical lightening striking the song “Echo” epitomises Maya Roxo’s bold and unrelenting sound. Using catchy hooks and empowering, inspiring lyricism to appeal to a wide range of listeners, “Echo” is a single that will stick in your head and you won’t be complaining about it! 

Pump Action – Diamonds In Disguise  

Miami based band Pump Action blend alternative rock and soul genres together in a way that is charming and deliciously melodic on their new single “Diamonds In Disguise” taken from their latest, eclectic EP.  

With their lead vocalist showing off an impressive and flexible vocal range over extremely neatly executed psychedelic rock and blues guitar “Diamonds In Disguise” is a track that runs smoothly from start until finish.

Playful and catchy melodies that give high radio playability and poetic lyricism that touches the heart make for a track that is a total joy for the listener to indulge in.  

Seek Harbour – TY (FBMH)  

Kent post-hardcore band Seek Harbour who’ve already built up a fanbase release their most listened-to track yet “TY (FBMH)” which is an emotionally engaged yet heart-warmingly optimistic take on loss of love.  

Proudly displaying all the makings of a popular rock-ballad track with poignant piano and emotive lyricism leading to a rousing and inspiring chorus, Seek Harbour’s latest release proves they can tick the boxes to gain fast attention.

As well as having excellent radio-playability this track would be a joy to see performed live with its anthemic nature.  

Carousel Clouds – The Drums  

Clamorous and captivating, Carousel Clouds latest release “The Drums” is a racing and exhilarating blend of psychedelic, shoegaze and indie rock.  

With kaleidoscopic layers of galloping drums and guitars that sound reminiscent of something from a King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard album “The Drums” is a track that feels alive and pulsing for its entire run time.

With a wonderfully hypnotic quality to it caused by echoing vocals and repetitive chorus this track is a definite ear-worm that won’t be leaving the listeners head in a hurry.  

The Hangover Club – Devil’s Watching You  

Bristol based blues-rock band The Hangover Club’s newest single “Devils Watching You” is an infectiously groovy track that has a vintage touch accompanied by bags of character.  

Instantly irresistible with its catchy blues guitar and compelling beat “The Devils Watching You” is a song that feels as though its pulling the listener up to dance.

With a dark tone to the instrumentals and lyrics, there’s a playfully foreboding touch to this track which only adds to its personality making it more multi-dimensional. For fans of classic blues rock this track will tick all the right boxes as well as drawing in more modern rock fans with its persona.