Emily Silver – Left Here With Nothing  

Wonderfully dramatic and soulful, London based pop artist Emily Silver’s new single “Left Here With Nothing” proves that she doesn’t hold back.  

Filled with soul and jazz influence as well as a powerful voice the instrumentals of this track evokes memories of earlier formidable female artists such as Amy Winehouse. Sultry electric guitar and suspenseful backing vocals lead to a strikingly emotive chorus with heart wrenching lyricism. All in all, “Left Here With Nothing” feels like a riveting performance of loss of love that the listener can fully immerse themselves in.  

Breezer – Forever

Hasting’s based rock band Breezer are back and better than ever with their rip-roaring, thunderous new single “Forever”.  

With cascades of clamorous drums and relentless electric guitar passages as the lead vocalists impassioned vocals sail over the instrumental storm behind him, “Forever” has all the makings of an anthemic rock track. With one of the most undeniable highlights of this track being its belting and rousing chorus which perfectly matches its lyrically uplifting and inspiring message, I can only imagine the thrill of seeing this single performed live.  

Gaws – Seen My Face

With an enticing and innovative song structure new single from Bristol post-punk band Gaws “Seen My Face” is creative and captivating from start to end.  

Combining shrieking and electrifying vocals with inventive guitar passages and chord progressions “Seen My Face” is an animated and unusual track that the listener is sure to not forget in a hurry. With both indie and punk influences coming together to create an artistic piece of music that’s both accessible and melodic as well as distinctive Gaws new track is something truly rare and special.  

Smodt – Vanity Gold  

Adding to the blossoming UK rap scene, new hip hop track “Vanity Gold” from London based rapper Smodt is energetic and inspired.  

With influences from big UK based artists putting the UK rap scene on the map such as Aitch and Slowthai, in “Vanity Gold” Smodt pulls from different genres such as garage and grime to create a track that encapsulates UK rap. With fast spitting bars showing impressive lyrical talent and a steady and catchy beat, Smodt ticks the boxes needed to succeed as a rap artist in his gutsy new track.  

Joenco – SICK  

Fully independent indie rock band Joenco based in Sweden take things a step further by releasing their newest, and filled to the brim with energetic madness, track “SICK”.  

With catchy and blasting guitar and a riotous instrumental “SICK” is the embodiment of the sound of underground indie and is a track that doesn’t play by the rules. Crafting a deliciously chaotic yet simultaneously melodic bridge and memorable chorus followed by some impressively impassioned guitar work Joenco prove with this single they’re one to look out for in the independent music scene.