Antony Szmierek – Ventolin

Antony Szmierek embodies the indie hip-pop scene. Summery songs are his forte, from his latest release single of ‘Ventolin’ back to the 2020 album release of ‘Endless Summer this solo artist blends lyrics laced with introspection with the optimism of a carefree Sunday.

The Mancunian finds his routes in Mac Demarco and Rex Orange County. With lyrcial depth plainly visible in tracks like ‘The Hitchhikers guide to the Fallacy’, the skill continues resulting in a strong song. Listeners may find the rap esq sections to be very Aitch like in style and pronunciation (not a bad thing to be compared to one of the hottest rappers today).

Marseille – Might As Well Be Mine

The opening riff for ‘Might As Well Be Mine’ is very Oasis (‘Step Out’ to be precise), very reminiscent of the 90s Manchester scene with its electric guitars and willingness to indulge in the nasal singing of a certain Liam Gallagher.

The recipe is a simple one; Half a gram of vocal grit (and something else), combined with distorted electric guitars and you have yourself a sing a long anthem.

It takes courage to take influence from such a notorious band and more courage to admit it so openly. We hope to see more from this band, incorporating more individual elements of their song writing abilities.

Everyone Lies – TNTina

For the punk fans, this ones for you. Its clear to hear inspirations spanning from all over the genre, namely Blink182 with its pop punk guitar work and lyrical content phrasing the typical love life of punk lover.

Chugging power chords and a discography that spans to 2020, Everyone Lies are a fun and very upbeat band that can get a crowd shifting and out of the depressive climate we live in today. The Southampton lads set out a good story, long may it continue!

CRASHKID! – Street Night Queens (OUT 27TH MAY)

The single release, ‘Street Night Queens’ imbues the alternative rock scene in its drive and lyrical charm.

With expansion out of the alternative genre into grunge and blues, CRASHKID! find their seeds sown in the greats, from Artic Monkeys to Talking Heads, the band have no fear bending and changing genres to suit their needs.

The gritty lead singer powers through his lyrics with force and passion, the band behind him swelling and decreasing to suit the emotion of the song. The future look bright for these boys!

Aimes – La Di Da

Billie Eilish, Radiohead, Hoizer. Three bands that listeners will immediately notice when hearing the latest track release from Aimes ‘La Di Da’. The rallying chorus cry of ‘Don’t Let Your Guard Down’ gives a painstaking morbidity to a song focused on people having ulterior motives. This isn’t a bad thing. Artists like Billie Eilish have forged a cracking career from this.

The harmonies blend wonderfully, creating a seamless complexion of varying emotions from self protection through to staying strong, a concept and fact that a lot of young women find themselves having to use on a regular basis. A pulsating drum beat accompanied by guitar chugs set the stride to wails of ‘La Di Da’ a conscious call to be blasé and move on and not to ‘slip on down’.