Slo Cheetah – White Knights

Wigan boys Slo Cheetah have really pulled out a proper finger tapping modern rock tune here. A perfect example of low driven guitars with loads of grit. A clear influence of grunge in this song but White Knights seems to have something more modern about it that typical grunge doesn’t but i can’t quite put work out what it is. I’m sure these lads will keep releasing more bangers after this 3rd and latest single so definitely a band to keep your eye on.

Kamora – Feel Alive

Safe to say when I hit play on this track I didn’t expect it to blow my brain up as much as it did. This one went straight into even my personal playlists… Feel Alive is an absolute banger, top notch from Kamora. Had me bouncing around my front room and one I think a great many people should definitely hear. 

Hannah Robinson – Nineteen

Nineteen is a lovely melancholic tune about the story of Hannah Robinons youth, which made for some proper mint lunch listening for myself! This brilliant but dark dream pop-esque track is extremely well produced with a really stylistically in keeping vocal mix. Haunting yet relatable lyricism produced on a brilliant track by Hannah, one which although filled with pain is somehow still soothing to listen to. 

Lizzie Esau – Bleak Sublime (Out 02/09)

This song grooves!! I absolutely love the bounce of the drums in this track. Real new-wave grunge sort of feel to this track and I’m here for it. Once again another track with some quite brilliant vocal production in it. I mean even as I’m typing this and I hear the drop towards the end of the song back into another chorus my ears are in a different world. Some class work for Lizzie here. 

Last One Home – Lost In The Sound 

Last one home have created a really nostalgia infusing track here. I’m a huge fan of this sort of emo rock sound especially with new bands like Last One Home themselves bringing new more modern twists to the genre. The vocals in this one have a really full sound too, that bright tone of the vocal which is associated with the bands genre.