Lissy Taylor – Healer

Now this track is definitely one for all indie lovers, with a somewhat soothing yet haunting vocal, Lissy has yet again created another masterpiece here and deserves all the plaudits. Instrumentally ‘Healer’ is a rather simple track with not much to say, this is made up for with what is said through a great vocal performance.

PAGES – So Wrong, So Right

This Scottish alternative pop-rock trio had me ready to dance in my chair from the moment the song started. I’m a big fan of the synths overlaying this track, they make for an absolutely huge sound along with the rest of the instruments in the band. I personally think the vocals could have sat better in the mix to show off the vocals in the track, which are clearly delivered in an outstanding way. ‘So Wrong, So Right’ clocks in at around 3 minutes and I think the song perfectly delivers a short and sweet message without saying too much.

Subterranean Street Society – Fear of Fond Farewells

I’m never actually quite sure what to expect when I see the label of ‘acoustic’ next to a track. I’ve heard some great acoustic tracks and some that I’m not so fond of. However, the melancholic feeling of ‘Fear of Fond Farewells’ had me feeling really relaxed for what were a rather serene few minutes with my headphones on. The song has such a bittersweet meaning behind it, this sort of feeling as a writer can often be hard to get into words, Subterranean Street Society however, do have an impeccable way of getting their pent up emotions across in musical form.

Full Billy – All I Ever (Out 09/09)

‘All I Ever’ is a gritty rock track which kicks you in the face from the outset. A really nostalgic feeling piece here with undertones of classic indie rock and other alternative/emo rock sounds of the past. My one nitpick with this song is the mix, I think the production of the track could possibly have been a fair bit cleaner. For only the bands second single however, it is better quality than other things I have heard! Full credit to the lads in Full Billy here for creating a powerhouse of a track with an earworm of a hook line. I’ll be singing this one in my sleep!

Firesites – Home Again (Out 16/9)

‘Home Again’ by Firesites, hailing from Newcastle-upon-Tyne gives an instant lo-fi vibe, I’m a huge fan of the psychedelic sort of vibe from this song. The vibe of the song is not the only thing which leaves a lasting impression however. Home Again’s chorus is one that is extremely catchy. The drummer of Firestates also appears to be a master of shifting a song dynamically with such smooth, amazing transitions between sections.