XS – Mars

This weeks first track comes from solo artist XS from Malaysia. I’m getting a really melancholic, laid back vibe from this one, a tune I can really imagine sitting back and listening to on a lazy sunday afternoon.

Top class work all around on ‘Mars’ from all instruments. Bedroom pop vibes all around.

The Hangover Club – Leather & Stone

Immediately a groovy track that had me bouncing my head and shoulders without me even noticing!

Country music and all the surrounding genres have always been in and around my ears in my life and honestly, I will be continuing to listen to this track upon its release. Really, really amazing work from Bristol band The Hangover Club.

Bradley Peck – OUT

‘OUT’ by Bradley Peck is a track that makes the listener feel really young again. This sort of music isn’t my cup of tea personally but it does take me back to the days of when I was about 12 and everybody had charts music on.

This song just sounds like it is straight out of the UK Top 40 from 2013 and I’m absolutely here for it. Not to mention the amazing production of the track, immaculate from the performance of instruments to the production of the final track.

MCMD – Magic

I’m honestly not sure what to say about this tune from my immediate impression. Not a bad comment but this piece of music certainly took me by surprise. ‘Magic’ feels like a composer has taken to their equipment and just created a piece of music based on how they feel at that moment. I’m never normally a huge fan of pieces of music that don’t contain lyrics but this one certainly changed my mind.

The Mease – Long, Long Road

Last but certainly not least, ‘Long, long road’ tops off this week’s five songs and sends us out with a bang. I really, really like the lyrical content of this song, the contents of the lyrics just feel so down to earth. The only comment I’d have to the lads is just the production, I’d really push the vocals forward more in the mix next time and bring the guitars down. There’s so much going on in the mix and I feel the track could benefit from the old adage ‘less is more’. Aside from this though a banging track and I’ll look forward to hearing more from the mease!