The Silver Lines – Hotel Room

Headbanger! This week’s first tune comes from Birmingham band The Silver Lines who are definitely an upcoming band to keep your eyes on. Hotel Room is such a catchy, addictive piece of music from the guitar lines to the quite brilliant vocal delivery. This song is going straight into my personal playlist.

The lads from Birmingham have enjoyed a fair amount of success recently after consistently selling out headline shows to then going to play over in the US, I’d say the future is pretty bright for these lads. I almost don’t even want to comment on the actual musical delivery because as in-depth as I go the praise wouldn’t quite justify it. Top-tier work guys. 

The New Twentys – Take Some Ego Out

Really, Really nice work from The New Twentys here, the guitars in this song are what stand out to me immediately, they sort of kick you in the face.

Beyond that, the next comment I have on the guitar performance is sort of the same for all instruments on this track and it’s just how precise the performance is musical.

It strikes me that these are 4 musicians who are really confident in their instruments. Really catchy, almost pop-infused chorus line lyrically, it’s stuck in my head already.

Bee Arnold – Crossed The Line 

After the first couple of tunes, I definitely did not expect to be listening to ‘Crossed The Line’ this week. A really great pop song with a really classy sound to it, Bee Arnold has an incredible voice which makes this song instantly likable.

With lyrics that I’m sure a lot of people, in general, could relate to and the immaculate vocal delivery of those lyrics, this song is pretty great. Not my usual preference personally but I still really liked ‘Crossed The Line. 

WEZ KING – Take It Or Leave It

Normally, in a piece of music, you can hear certain influences shining through in an artist’s songwriting and musical performance. With WEZ KING I genuinely struggle with this. This to me is such a unique sound, it’s quite incredible when a songwriter is this unique as it becomes something refreshing, a new sound if you will.

Once again this week, I’m loving the guitars on this track, such a brilliant british, crunchy tone and the delivery is done exceptionally well. I think I may have to listen to the whole discography for WEZ KING now. 

Emily Breeze – Ordinary Life 

Okay, wow… This sort of music gives me a mint throwback to being sat in the back of a car as a child listening to some of the older music that my dad would show me. I’m a huge fan of those airy synths in the background alongside the guitar, I’m not quite sure what the effect is on the guitar and what pedal is being used but I really like it.

The vocal stands out immediately from everything else, such a deep almost spoken voice and I really didn’t expect it before I opened the track. If you’re reading this review and you haven’t already checked out Emily Breeze you absolutely should.