Honeycub – Can’t Deny It

An instant feel good banger to start this week, proper headbanger of an alt rock track this one is. My head was immediately mashed by the filthy tones of the guitar which I love the sound of, I don’t normally compare sounds to other bands but I’m getting big Kurt Cobain vibes from that guitar tone and I’m loving it.

An incredible pleasure to be writing about this tune and I’ll definitely be getting it into my playlists once it releases on the 29th of September. Big big fan of this grunge esque alt rock music. 

The Clockworks – Advertise Me

Bouncy is not a word normally associated with the post-punk genres, at least not in my mind. The Clockworks, who originally formed in Galway but are now working out of London have truly created a masterpiece here with this anthemic piece of post-punk infused indie music.

Real fan of this tune and the band in general, the musicianship behind their tracks is quite amazing and noticeable in the delivery of all instruments on their records, especially this one. Banger from The Clockworks, keep it up lads. 

We Are Scientists – Operator Error

New York duo We Are Scientists have really created an earworm of a track here. An incredibly catchy pop song with addictive choruses and even catchier vocal melodies.

The drums in this tune are enough to get any man up on his feet dancing, I sat listening to this song and was bopping my head about to this song. Incredibly. I don’t normally like pop music but this track is one exception to that, one of the most well written pieces of music I’ve heard. 

Anthony Mascia – New Beauty, Old School

Another track this week which has totally blown my expectations out of the water. I really did not expect to hear such an incredible voice before I turned on this track.

A completely unique and utterly brilliant vocalist, Anthony Mascia has here delivered an incredibly emotional piece in the perfect way with insightful, almost painful lyrics and a haunting vocal performance. A brilliant way to cap off the 5 singles for the week, this one will be getting played more through my headphones!

Harry Heart – Walden Out (07/10)

I often have the same immediate thought when I read ‘soloist’ over an artist I’m writing about but it’s not often that expectation is completely blown out of the stratosphere. Proper mint vibe in this with a real feeling of bedroom pop but produced to a much higher standard than the usual.

A really mature, sort of experienced sounding song; The production, the performance and just the whole vibe of the tune.