Caustic Waves – Barriers

An artist I have a fond memory of writing about in a past review for the Recommends blogs. Caustic Waves, a Glasgow based heavy rock artist is back with yet another blinder of a piece of music. 

I spoke to Caustic Waves briefly after the last review I had written on his music. The thing that struck me from the conversation was that not only are the songs written in an absolutely incredible manor, but Neil actually records and produces these himself. 

Many musicians will understand just how hard it is to learn to just write to this standard, it takes hours of practice. So the fact that this gritty, heavy-hitting track is also self-produced is honestly mind blowing. A credit to the musicianship of Caustic Waves here. 

The Big Peach – Observations

A really, really classy sounding band. With a band name like The Big Peach I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect and I also had certain precluding thoughts about their music when I saw the words ‘concept album’ in the initial email. The expectations were almost immediately blown out of the water. 

The sound of the songs on ‘Observations’, the latest EP from The Big Peach is one that can only be described as bouncy and feel good. Amazingly executed instrumental lines reminiscent of the glory of the 1960’s gave me a huge throwback to some of the music my parents listened to as I was growing up. 

One part of the music on this utterly outstanding EP which is worth pointing out is the beautiful vocal harmonies performed by the members of The Big Peach. Concept albums, as I mentioned earlier aren’t something I’m ever normally thrilled to listen to, however this time around I thoroughly enjoyed listening to what is a quite brilliantly put-together EP.

Circa Waves – Do You Wanna Talk

I normally try to keep my personal taste in music quiet in these reviews which I write. However, this time around I will say that it feels quite amazing to be reviewing an incredible piece of music from one of my favourite bands. 

‘Do You Wanna Talk’ from the upcoming Circa Waves EP ‘Never Going Under’ is an absolute masterpiece. Such an earworm of a piece of music, not often do I describe any songs as annoyingly catchy, this one however is just that. An inevitably immaculate hook line from a band who are becoming masters of writing really addictive music. 

This song has a very classic Circa Waves sound. One which I’m sure many fans as well as myself will find themselves playing on repeat. The indie rock band who have just announced their latest tour around the UK have once again created a timeless banger to bless the ears of all indie fans. 

What Will Be – Escape Plan

A subtle change of sound from the last few tunes, new songs like this are what make me really enjoy writing. Often we find ourselves listening to a lot of the same music and not discovering much more, or I do at least. ‘Escape Plan’ I really can’t quite put a comparison to and that is a quality in a piece of music which I really admire. I like people who make sounds I’m not expecting. 

The Manchester based 5 piece have created something special with this really emotional yet driven rock track. The guitars are something I’m a big fan of especially, the tones which are used are quite incredible and really fill out the mix without getting in the way of anything else in my ears. 

A defined piece of music with a very strong and defined message behind it. This track is very vulnerable lyrically and vocally, there is something quite soft in the vocal delivery at the same time as displaying tremendous power. What Will Be seem to be playing at the top of their game with music like this and I will eagerly await hearing more from the band!

Megan Wyn – Jealousy

Speaking of Jealousy, one thing that always makes me extremely jealous as a vocalist myself is the sound of a great female vocalist. Welsh singer-songwriter Megan Wyn is a perfect example of a really strong female voice, this talent is also clearly being recognised as the indie-rocker from Anglesey appears to be doing extremely well for herself on the live Circuit!

Megan has written a piece of music here which is done in such a way that it’s an upbeat song when it hits the choruses which are sure to have audiences bouncing, however on the flip side of this the lyrics and vocal behind the piece of music are seemingly laced with pain. 

I’ve heard the name Megan Wyn a lot being among the manchester music scene, I however have not yet been fortunate enough to see the live experience and admittedly hadn’t listened to much music from the up-and-coming talent. I will definitely now be keeping my ears open after this review as I think that among an almost overcrowded and notorious scene in Manchester, Megan Wyn’s music is a breath of fresh air.