RGM Recommends – The Best Top 5 Latest Singles This Week

Lissy Taylor – Fierce 

A song described by writer Lissy Taylor as “Fierce, strong and full of fire”, a statement I really could not agree with more. This bouncy, in-your-face Indie Rock track is a true testament to the work and songwriting of the Stoke-on-Trent songwriter.

The song comes in with a really energetic rhythm guitar line but not quite a full band so my initial expectation was that this was going to be a typical singer/songwriter type song. However, with the introduction of the rest of the band to the song I am blown away, this track is so powerful and brave in both its performance and lyricism. 

A story told impeccably through the art form of music is often hard for most people to grasp as it is such a hard skill to learn, Lissy has definitely spent hours mastering her craft and developing bangers such as ‘Fierce’, I think I might even have to give this song a spot on my gym playlist!

K I T – When We Say Goodbye

Slow, vibey, and emotional goodness brought to our ears by K I T with their latest single ‘When We Say Goodbye. This song really gives me a sense of ease and comfort, although I know this isn’t the initial message behind the song. It’s very rare for me that a piece of music truly relaxes every part of me but I had to sit back in my chair and listen to this a couple of times before actually writing. 

The part of this track that really sticks out to me is the drums. They’re not really anything big and flashy by any means, however, they sort of just make the track tick along nicely and they really set a quite tasteful groove for the rest of the music to follow. 

Released on the 7th of October, ‘When We Say Goodbye’ seems to me to be a song lyrically adorned with pain and suffering, a stark contrast to the extremely laid-back and chilled-out feel of the musical side of the track. This is a contrast that musically works so incredibly well and has been used by countless bands over the years. K I T has really nailed that aspect of this song and I love it. 

The Haciendas – Dreamer

Now this track is the definition of great, gritty guitar music. The Haciendas who are based within a Manchester scene which has birthed so many great bands and continues to be a real hub for the UK music industry, are really a band who stick out from the rest for me. 

‘Dreamer’ is a track which doesn’t initially scream ‘Manchester band’ and I absolutely love that. The music scene in Manchester can be very full of bands who are doing similar things at times but The Haciendas are defying this all the time with some real powerhouses of songs. I’m a big fan of guitar music and if anyone reading this is too, I absolutely implore you to go and check out the music that The Haciendas are making. 

‘Dreamer’ initially released as a single in June, is the title track to the bands latest EP and honestly, I couldn’t think of a better way to do a title track. This song really sets the tone for what I expect the rest of the music to sound like and I like that quality in a band. It’s very much a what you see is what you get case with The Haciendas and as someone who is in and around the Manchester scene, I really look forward to seeing what comes next from this band, I’ll definitely be going and catching a live show as soon as I can too. 

Rosie H Sullivan – What A Life 

An extremely soft and pretty track to finish off this week’s tune. I don’t remember a time recently where I have been quite so blown away by a voice, but Rosie Sullivan has truly blown me away. A beautiful, calming voice that I really don’t have the words to describe. 

The Edinburgh based artist made me feel almost uneasy with her scintillatingly soft lyrics and vocals. I don’t really know what to write about this tune, and quite honestly, I am lost for words (a rare occasion for myself…) The guitar is really very simple as is the rest of the track. Something which should probably be noted. 

When a track displays so much simplicity, if done badly the track can struggle to deliver it’s message; when however, a track does this well it delivers it’s message immaculately. There is something to be said about how this track displays that element of simplicity, while at the same time perfectly showcasing every emotion possible through the music. Truly exceptional songwriting.

KingFast – Feel The Love  (OUT 28/10)

‘Feel The Love’ by Liverpool artist KingFast is a song that can only be described as extremely raw. A track which opens up the feelings and emotions of an artist and is composed with an air of sensitivity yet a very unique sense of power at the same time. 

KingFast releases his single ‘Feel The Love’ on the 28th of October and it is certainly a release to look forward to. The performance of the vocal in the music of the Liverpool artist is extremely soulful and also extremely dynamically aware. A voice that builds and falls with the rest of the track in a very authentic manner.

The only critique I have of this track would be on the production side of things. The song is very clearly well written, there isn’t a doubt about that. I do feel however that certain parts within the song such as the vocal and kick drum could be brought down in the mix ever so slightly just to balance the track out a little bit more. Aside from me being extremely nit-picky, this track displays some very good writing and I’m sure the music we hear from KingFast will just keep getting better and better. Although it is already great!