Harry Lavin – My Heavens Gate

Ethereal, guitar based music to kick off this weeks tunes with ‘My Heavens Gate’ from Harry Lavin. This one screams classic indie rock music and just has a really great nostalgic feel to it. Releasing on Friday 28th October, this is a release I am sure is going to go down extremely well. 

I do often mention the classic Manchester sound in relation to artists and if it isn’t actually done well and convincingly it’s just something I’m not a fan of. However, this banger  from Harry absolutely blew my brain with how great it really is.

Instrumentally with this track, I’m really not going to pick it apart at all as I have way too much to say about how great it is in terms of composition, arrangement and performance. The only thing I really want to mention is the tambourine that is rattling throughout, a really great touch of britpop-esque influence and something which I really appreciated having listened to a lot of this sort of music in my life. I am extremely excited for this song to come out and will definitely be on the lookout for even more of this from Harry Lavin. Really, really great work!


More electronic goodness this time coming from the insanely talented BALLAMONA as the Manchester based 4-piece bring the bouncy greatness of their latest single ‘Alienist’ to our ears. The song will release on the 11th November and honestly when I saw the title of this song I didn’t know what to expect but if I had a single expectation before, it was most definitely blown away the moment I pressed play.

One thing I tend to have against a track is when I see the length appears to be too long. This is just a personal thing but I tend to switch off at a certain point. BALLAMONA have been an exception to that. I would still say that the track isn’t of personal preference to me in length but it had absolutely no problem in keeping me engaged all the way through with so many dynamic changes in sections and just amazing arrangement overall.

The track just doesn’t seem to get boring, it’s very rare that I’ll stay this focused on a track this long but ‘Alienist’ is the sort of song that smacks you in the face and makes sure that you don’t stop paying attention until the very final note has been played. 

Ellie Moon – Don’t Date Me

Ellie Moon is not messing about in delivering the message she wants to put across with her latest single ‘Don’t Date Me’. The song is exactly what it says on the tin – heartfelt, painfilled and meaningful. I can guarantee that almost everyone could find a way to relate to this single, the sort of songwriting I personally adore. 

‘Don’t Date Me’ is a real testament to a songwriter who writes with her heart on her sleeve and doesn’t really play around in metaphors, something that in the modern world of music seems to be becoming a more and more popular way of writing songs. 

There is such a fine attention to detail in every part of this song and I literally cannot switch off. I seem to have found myself mindlessly head-bopping in my front room to a song which is just incredibly written. Even the production on this track is incredible, I did half expect that this would be a very bedroom-pop type song, which I can see the influence of but the production suggests otherwise, my ears are so happy right now. 

‘Don’t Date Me’ from lyrics to the tiny little details of crackling white noise in the background is probably one of my favourite tracks which I have heard for a while from a new artist. A real earworm of a track and one which I am absolutely sure will see a few of her fans shedding tears over situations which they are reminded of by the artistically adorned piece of music. 

Mondo Trasho – Hardtimes (That’s Life) 

Nostalgia personified. Mondo Trasho, the psychedelia inspired Five-piece hailing from Liverpool are returning with an incredible single here in ‘Hardtimes’. The band who cite influences from Psychedelic music as well as Garage give me a completely different impression as a listener, I’m somehow getting an overwhelming sense of the old Mersey sound from this piece of music. I somehow feel like I’ve been put into a time machine and taken back to the 60s or 70s with this tune playing in my ears. 

Instrumentally, playing and composing this sort of music can be very hard to execute correctly. I always feel like a lot of psychedelic music just has too many layers and sometimes too much experimentation between instruments. Mondo Trasho seem to have found a really lovely balance and know exactly what works and where to put it in a song to have the best effect. 

I do think my absolute favourite part of this song is the organ which is in it. It gives the song such an authentic sound as I really cannot think of another band who are doing anything like what the Merseyside outfit are doing right now and to me, authenticity should always be a huge part of a band’s artistry and Mondo Trasho have nailed that side of their game. 

I am a really huge fan of this song and I honestly think I might spend the rest of my day going through the rest of the discography for the guys in Mondo Trasho as this is a band which within 3 minutes became instantly likeable to me. To leave a lasting impression on someone’s ear and brain within a 3 minute timeframe is something quite remarkable, absolutely incredible.

Yenner – Original Sin

I am honestly not sure, from the outset, how to describe or feel about this song. Absolutely not in a bad way but my brain has been left very confused.

Yenner has very cleverly written this electronic-infused toe tapper. ‘Original Sin’ is the latest single from Northern Ireland artist Yenner and one that really clearly demonstrates what can be made when a musician is in touch with their own ear. 

A masterfully written synth and melody line in the chorus. It’s something that on the surface seems like such a simple touch but when you have a melody line in the vocal which is already very catchy and then add another instrument reinforcing the same line, it becomes mind blowingly catchy and hard to get out of your head. Such simple touches can be hard to put in sometimes as musicians do have a habit of overcomplicating parts, often to show off. However, what I have heard here from Yenner is that he understands exactly what a song needs. 

Although this is absolutely not my kind of music I don’t have a bad word to say about this tune, a very high technical level of songwriting is on show here and should be absolutely noticed by a wider audience and appreciated. The only thing which I would personally change in this song is that a couple of the levels on synths could maybe come down and allow more space elsewhere in the mix but other than that Yenner has blown me away here.